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Atelier Tekuto Co.
Image via  Atelier Tekuto Co.

Tokyo-based architecture firm Atelier Tekuto Co. has designed a boundary-less home with several sunroofs in Chiba, Japan, a prefecture East to Tokyo. According to designer Yasuhiro Yamashita,  the project is sited between urban residential area and rural farmland, and reflects the harmony between humans and nature.

The one-story house was built in a 580-suqare-foot lot, which requires full use of limited land resources. To save space, Yamashita designed a maze-like structure that merges the interior and  exterior. A total of 16 sunroofs where natural light comes through  blur the line between architecture and nature. People can easily access  the rooftop through staircases and enjoy the sunshine when the weather is nice.

Interior walls are made of a combination of glue-laminated timber in a concave​-convex manner, while outer walls consist of a polished charred Japanese cedar wood.

Image via Atelier Tekuto Co.
Image via Atelier Tekuto Co.

The designer carefully chose  materials for the home's walls, floors and ceilings in order to “create a space where it is difficult to distinguish between the inside and outside.” Yamashita also mentioned that he planed a green-roof garden on top of this house, to make it even less distinguishable from the natural surroundings. 

"When the plants and trees grow, these green areas will seem to merge with the garden next door, making the house look even better," Yamashita said.

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