Architectural stone veneer has long been used to elevate the design of building facades, but more recently, it’s found its way indoors and is becoming a mainstay of interior design. “There’s been a real upswing in the number of projects on both residential and commercial when it comes to accentuating a space or an environment with stone,” says Sarah Lograsso, director of marketing for Eldorado Stone. Hear about what’s behind this trend and the exciting options stone veneer can open up for architects and designers.

ARCHITECT Editor-in-Chief Paul Makovsky and Lograsso discuss the rising use of architectural stone veneer for interior design, its regional style variations, the material’s flexible functionality, designing with nature in mind, and indoor/outdoor transitions in this Studio Session.

Sarah Lograsso
Sarah Lograsso

As Director of Marketing and Portfolio Management for Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, Sarah has successfully coupled her design talents with business acumen to refresh, refine and distinctly position five standout brands, including Eldorado Stone, in the North American market and abroad. She continues to provide design direction for the brands’ variety of best-selling modern profiles and trend-forward color palettes while also developing tools and merchandising for the commercial success of the multi-brand portfolio. By delivering a steady stream of compelling articles, interviews and technical resources to the market, Sarah has also established herself as a subject matter expert and industry thought leader.

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This Studio Session is underwritten by Eldorado Stone.
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