La Tallera Siqueiros by Frida Escobedo
Courtesy The Architectural League of New York La Tallera Siqueiros by Frida Escobedo

Each year, the Architectural League of New York recognizes North American individuals and firms that showcase potential to influence others in the design and architecture fields with their Emerging Voices Award. On Jan. 24, the organization announced the eight winning practices that embody their own design “voice” and continue to address issues larger than the built environment.

This year’s Emerging Voices include: Brian Bell, AIA, and David Yocum, AIA, principals of Atlanta-based BLDGS; Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales, principals of Mexico City–based Cadaval & Solà-Morales; Roy Decker, AIA, and Anne Marie Duvall Decker, principals of Jackson, Miss.–based Duvall Decker Architects; Frida Escobedo, principal of Mexico City–based Frida Escobedo; Chris Leong, Assoc. AIA, and Dominic Leong, founding partners of New York City–based Leong Leong; Thomas F. Robinson, AIA, principal of Portland, Ore.–based LEVER Architecture; Jonathan Tate, AIA, principal of New Orleans–based OJT; and David Scott, Intl. Assoc. AIA, and Susan Scott, Intl. Assoc. AIA, directors of Vancouver–based Scott & Scott Architects.

Córdoba-Reurbano by Cadaval and Sola-Morales
Courtesy The Architectural League of New York Córdoba-Reurbano by Cadaval and Sola-Morales

“The 2017 Voices personify the versatility of contemporary practice,” league program director Anne Rieselbach said in a press release. “Many firms take on multiple roles of designer, developer, and/or builder to address pressing issues in housing, institutional design, and the public realm. They embrace material experimentation, challenging sites, and an economy of means within budgetary constraints to create exemplary architecture.”

For the competition, the jury reviews each firm's work and accomplishments. The program has identified more than 250 practices in 35 years. Past emerging voices have included 2012 AIA Gold Medalist Steven Holl, FAIA, in 1982, and other award-winning firms and individuals including, Morphosis in 1983, SHoP Architects in 2001, and Jeanne Gang, FAIA, in 2006.

Additionally, each of the 2017 Emerging Voices will present a lecture at the SVA Theatre in New York City highlighting their design inspiration. The lectures will take place every Thursday night at 7 p.m. from March 2-23.

This year’s jury was comprised of Sunil Bald, Mario Gooden, AIA, Lisa Gray, Paul Lewis, Jing Liu, AIA, Thomas Phifer, FAIA, Bradley Samuels, Billie Tsien, AIA, and ARCHITECT contributor Ian Volner.

Caddell by BLDGS
Courtesy The Architectural League of New York Caddell by BLDGS

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