Esto’s director Erica Stoller is known for her camera work. But she also emerges from behind the lens to work with found and recycled materials, producing wall art that hinges on the abstract. Now at FXFowle ’s 770-square-foot in-house gallery in New York, 26 pieces from Stoller’s Wall Sculpture series—including one made of paper and cardboard materials acquired inside the firm’s office—are on view for the public. Using cardboard, glue, twine, and red, blue, green, and yellow colored paper, and other packing materials, Stoller says her designs strike a contrast between the recycled materials as unwanted and their assemblage as desirable pieces of formal art. Although the designs play with the cardboard’s texture and incorporate bursts of color, she notes that the materials are able to retain their organic quality, often revealing the “scars of their previous function.” Through Oct. 14 •