Located on the perimeter of the Central Oregon Community College (COCC) campus, the 15,000 sf Jungers Culinary Center is the anchor for a future mixed-use development. Inspired by a simple cottage in the woods, the Center emerges from its rocky site with an exposed concrete base in a design that uses simple forms, construction methods, and use of regionally sourced materials. The building massing is rectangular volumes captured below the plane of its low-sloped shed roof. The building materials retain a careful interplay of contrasts – the warmth and lightness of wood against the cool mass and strength of concrete; the transparency of glass adjacent the textural qualities of cedar shingles and horizontal cedar siding. The building’s transparent main lobby, dining room and magnificent indoor/outdoor fireplace combine to create an inviting grand front porch that strengthens the connection between interior learning spaces and outdoor community areas. The Jungers Culinary Center was a pilot project for Earth Advantage’s Commercial program for sustainability. The facility was certified EA Gold.

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