What makes a house healthy? According to homeowners, recent remodeling is a big factor.

The 2014 Houzz Healthy Home Study conducted in October surveyed 808 homeowners across the U.S. about the overall health of their home. The survey asked participants to consider things like cleanliness, air quality, year built, and chemical exposure to determine whether or not they find their homes healthy versus non-healthy. Overall, survey findings conclude more than 60 percent of homeowners consider their houses healthy. One in five responded saying they consider their homes non-healthy and 6 percent were unsure. Comfort, security, and exposure to germs were listed among the top considerations homeowners make when rating their healthiness of their house.

Upgrades are a key factor in determining whether or not a home is healthy. When asked if homes had been upgraded in the last 12 months, more than one fifth of surveyed respondents said yes, having completed upgrades ranging from painting to sprinkler installation in the last year. The first chart shows upgrades performed on healthy versus non-healthy homes among those homeowners who reported completing an upgrade. The two most popular upgrades in healthy and non-healthy homes were painting and flooring, both of which were completed in more than half of upgraded homes in the last year. Lighting, HVAC, and windows were also popular upgrades and, in every specified category, recent remodeling is more common in homes considered healthy.

The survey also found that homes rated non-healthy are more likely to be upgraded soon. More than one fifth of homeowners plan to remodel within the next year (beginning in October of 2014) and among them a higher percentage non-healthy homeowners plan to complete each specified upgrade than owners of healthy homes. Once again, interior painting and flooring are the two most common upgrades.

Preventing major health problems in a home is a significant factor considered in remodeling. A total 44 percent of owners who consider their homes healthy and 49 percent of those who consider their home non-healthy cite preventing health problems and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as motivation for major home upgrades. Remodeling for health is an even bigger motivation for those owners of homes they consider non-healthy than to improve resale value or home appeal, which only 43 percent of non-healthy homeowners consider a major motivation.

Homeowners know the importance of maintaining a healthy home and how crucial remodeling is to do it.

Check out the full survey from Houzz here.