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The moment many builders have anticipated, and may perhaps even have lost sleep over, is about to happen.

Sekisui House, the world's No. 1 residential builder, will team up with its wholly-owned home building enterprise Woodside Homes to build a domestic production house in a highly-evolved way we've never before seen on these shores.

This project--the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home--will engage and empower U.S. builders and their partners in a first-hand, inside story and education process in the exclusive, precision crafted approaches to building we've heard a lot about but have yet to witness in our North American market. The project will break ground in the next few weeks on a lot in Howard Hughes Corp.’s west-Las Vegas master planned community of Summerlin. It will be ready for builders, architects, manufacturers, developers, and other partners to tour in January 2020.

Here, in a press announcement we've prepared for this morning, are the details. Immediately following this announcement, we'll embark on a unique and exclusive narrative--in articles, video and podcast programming, research, and in-person programming--that may shed light on how our industry and business community will look and operate in years to come. We're humbled, honored, and excited to be part of a team that will host you, interact with you, and, hopefully, bring a fresh and open view of what can be done here in U.S. residential construction, design, engineering, that is happening successfully, and improving constantly overseas.

Hanley Wood Announces the 2020 BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home

Sekisui House to Introduce Innovative Building and Home Technologies to U.S. through its Home Building Company Woodside Homes

WASHINGTON, D.C.- March 20, 2019 - Hanley Wood, the premier information, media, event, and strategic marketing services company serving the residential, design and commercial construction industries is pleased to announce the 2020 BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home. The BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home will bring together an international design, development, and construction team from Japan-based Sekisui House and its wholly-owned home building company Woodside Homes. This concept home will introduce technologies, best practices, and a new approach to “improving society through housing,” to North America-based home building enterprises.

Due to be unveiled at the International Builders’ Show (IBS), Jan 21-23, 2020, in Las Vegas, the goal of the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home will be to introduce the U.S. market to the Sekisui House core value of “love of humanity,” as a strategic platform for the design and development of an innovative home of the future. Chōwa is an ancient Japanese term that represents the spirit of partnership and reflects life-balance, well-being, sustainable value, and connectedness to nature.

This house will engage with American families’ growing preference for homes that support health and well-being. It will highlight the balance and harmony between real-time benefits and timeless values in “slow [comfortable] living”; between indoor living and outdoor life, between technology and privacy, between comfort and simplicity, and between themselves and their community and the natural environment.

“Sekisui House is very pleased to exhibit together with our partner Woodside Homes at IBS 2020, the largest home builder tradeshow in the U.S., as well as to be the first company from Japan selected to build the BUILDER Concept Home, a highlight of every year’s IBS show,” said Yoshihiro Nakai, President and Representative Director at Sekisui House, Ltd. “We relish the opportunity to showcase to U.S. customers the corporate cultures both of our companies hold so dear, as well as to make a physical example of our corporate maxim to ‘Make home the happiest place in the world’.”

“The time has come for US home building to achieve some true breakthroughs. We’ve been doing things pretty much the same way since the 1950s, but the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home is an opportunity for us to rethink even the most basic needs that a home needs to fulfill, while layering in some new features that can enhance the comfort, happiness and connection that homeowners have heretofore not even thought to expect from their homes,” said Joel Shine, CEO of Woodside Homes.

Running in parallel with the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home build,, BUILDER magazine, and its sibling titles will bring the project to light through a year-long education, community engagement, and discovery program that will take audiences inside the design, development, construction, and business model process. This year-long curriculum will introduce the homes principles, influences and technical approaches—providing an insider’s view through digital, print, research, white papers, and in-person “discovery lab” sessions.

“For several years now, since Sekisui House arrived as a strategic player in the United States through its partnership with Woodside, builders and their partners have anticipated a moment where advances common in Japan and Sekisui House’s other markets would make their way here,” said John McManus, VP-Editorial Director, for BUILDER and the Residential Group. “That moment has arrived, and we’re grateful this Sekisui House and Woodside collaboration will help guide us in that path of learning and discovery.”

Four key principles and themes form the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home’s mission and purpose for research and development:

  1. Collaboration – As Woodside Homes has become a Sekisui House family member, the opportunity, across both organizations is to blend—through innovative collaboration—efforts to showcase the best of what both Japan and US builders have to offer.
  2. Resilience, Strength, & Beauty – Sekisui House has designed every aspect of a proprietary metal joint system, and used smart and elegant engineering principles to build a strong, beautiful and long-lasting home using precision manufacturing.
  3. Precision-Crafted – Precision manufacturing, the only option to truly live up to the values of Sekisui House, allows for elimination of waste, high quality, and an economically viable business model.
  4. Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Safe, and Healthy – Sekisui House is a leader throughout the world on sustainable building. Having achieved world leadership status in the development of numerous environmentally and sustainably-conscious products, Sekisui House has sustainability as a core corporate target. Sekisui House is now the global leader in the construction of net-zero-energy homes with more than 35,000 built since its net-zero energy product was launched in 2013.

Planned for construction in Howard Hughes Corp.’s west-Las Vegas master planned community of Summerlin, the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home will be built in the Talon Ridge enclave of The Ridges neighborhood and feature innovative construction models, building science, architecture, and systems to showcase some of the world’s most advanced engineering, design, and technologies new to the U.S. construction marketplace.

The BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home will feature a global collaboration of architects, engineers, and construction experts, working to bring the home to life. Reflecting signature Japanese architectural influences, blended with the help of international firm KTGY Architecture + Planning, the home will meet U.S. consumer sensibilities and needs, as well as complying with local codes.

“The community of leaders in homebuilding, design, development, manufacturing, and investment, has come to expect BUILDER to create leading-edge discovery and learning around what home buyers should expect in new homes of the future,” said Jeff Meyers, CEO of Hanley Wood, Meyers Research and Metrostudy. “We’re so honored our partners at Sekisui House, Woodside Homes, Howard Hughes Corp., KTGY Architecture + Planning, Ryan-Young Interior Design, and Summers/Murphy & Partners Landscape Design, have joined us in a game-changing initiative for American home building.”

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Sekisui House, Ltd is the largest homebuilder and one of the leading diversified developers in Japan. Sekisui House is managing its US operations through its subsidiaries in the US. The US operations include the development of master-pl, mixed-use, multifamily apartment, and condominium properties throughout the US.

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Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Woodside Homes is a privately held company and one of America's top 30 homebuilders. The company has built more than 40,000 homes across the US, with current operations in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah -- earning the trust and confidence of families who seek the very most from their homeownership experience.

About Howard Hughes Corporation’s Summerlin
Summerlin, a development of The Howard Hughes Corporation, is literally master-planned to perfection and will be for years to come. Since 1990 this community has grown to encompass more than 230 parks, more than two dozen public and private schools, 14 houses of worship, nine golf courses, three resort hotels, world-class recreational facilities, retail and entertainment centers, well-established office parks, a state-of-the-art medical center and more — all playfully connected by more than 150 miles of nationally-recognized, award-winning trails that span the community. A wealth of high desert activities, including hiking and rock climbing, encourage a healthy outdoor lifestyle. In Summerlin, the abundance of amenities combine to create the community’s hallmark quality of life.

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This story was originally published in Builder.