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Will Forests Drive the Hydrogen Economy?

Canada-based Hydrogen Naturally is converting wood waste to hydrogen fuel,... More

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Five Material Technology Trends To Watch in 2023

Blaine Brownell spotlights innovations in concrete, solar power, designing with... More

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Guy Messick: Why Architects Need To Be Thinking About Designing Metaverses

Virtual worlds "are here to stay," writes Guy Messick, senior director of digital... More

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TreesAI Shows Communities How to Maintain and Grow Their Urban Forests

The startup, founded by the Amsterdam-headquartered, not-for-profit Dark Matter... More

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With This Knit-Casting Process, Concrete Leans Sartorial and Minimizes Production Waste

Tsz Yan Ng, Sean Ahlquist, and Evgueni Filipov are harnessing CNC-manufactured... More

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Segregation by Design Examines Systemic Racism in American Cities

Founded by the New York architectural designer Adam Paul Susaneck, the website... More

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Bridging UX and the Built Environment

Blaine Brownell talks user experience design in architecture. More

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Designing at Hyperscale

The architects behind today's data centers are fashioning innovative additions to... More

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The 16th Annual R+D Awards

See the six winners that a jury selected from dozens of entries for their efforts... More

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