Conventionally formed from clay into a rectangular shape, brick created a sturdy outer wall for large, strong structures. Today, brick companies are manufacturing special shapes that encompass all of the traditional aspects of brick while adding unique beauty.

In its purest form, clay is extremely malleable, which allows it to be formed into numerous different shapes. This gives architects a range of aesthetic options for minimal added cost. Special shapes allow architects to achieve designs that can’t be achieved with standard rectangular bricks. Architects can also utilize special shapes to create a distinct look that is difficult to achieve with other exterior cladding materials.

Through thoughtful planning and consultation with an architectural brick manufacturer like Endicott, a brick producer based out of Nebraska, architects can enhance a building’s look with special shapes. The experts at Endicott help architects choose shapes that elevate design capability while preserving all the traditional benefits of clay masonry.

Endicott manufactures a variety of special shapes that allow architects to challenge design limits. From providing tapered bullet shapes for Yale Health Center to creating radius pillar shapes for Creekside Middle School, Endicott has the shapes architects need to create exceptional structures. Endicott also has the capacity to provide multiple textures for the same project, as architects envisioned for the Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building.

By choosing to build with the special shapes of time-trusted, durable clay brick, architects can ultimately give their clients peace of mind while bringing bold colors, interesting textures and creativity to their projects.

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