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Desmus brings modern architectural solutions to questions such as “How many seats does a theater room have to have? What should the acoustics of an opera and classical music concert hall be like? Can any activity experience be experienced at the cultural center?” describes its area of expertise as ‘Cultural Architecture’.
Promoting itself as a Cultural Architecture Designer, Desmus offers solutions that address structure in 360 degrees, supporting architectural design, performance systems, engineering, planning, and operations in projects such as cultural-art structures, congress halls, educational institutions, especially performance venues.
Starting in 2015, Desmus continues to work with the main design team of 10 architects and engineers as of 2021. Experts in the field and special advisors from abroad also participate in the project-based design team. Desmus, who has been the principal of the projects in culture and art in our country in recent years, has been working with Tabanlioğlu Architecture as a successive architect and has also started to focus on international studies with the National Arts Theater restoration project in Nigeria Logos in 2021.
In addition, Desmus, part of the design projects of the congress and cultural centers of various local governments, provided a 400 percent turnover increase in the first 6 months of 2020, 2019, and the first months of 2021. The growth target for 2022 is estimated at 100 percent compared to the previous year. Desmus, whose ongoing projects include the Istanbul Abdi İpekci Sports complex Design Consultancy, describes its medium-term priorities as a way to contribute to the creation and expansion of the culture-art environment.
Desmus offers business-oriented solutions as well as a design approach on the most important issues such as the installation of all professional systems of the stages it designs, stage mechanics, and acoustic solutions.
Furthermore, Desmus guides how to design all aspects of iconic cultural venues, one of the first reflections of the social development of countries in the international arena.
Desmus team points that many criteria need to be taken care of, considering the different needs of each of the various arts, such as cinema, theater, concert, etc., while meeting the needs of consultants with operational efficiency, flexibility, and sustainable business.
Desmus aims to promote the service structure focused on preventing the loss of materials, time, and budget of operating companies to countries in the near geography, which have problems with the venue in Turkey.


  1. Nigeria National Theater

    Nigeria National Theater

    Lagos, NIGERIA

  2. Atatürk Cultural Centre

    Atatürk Cultural Centre

    Istanbul, TURKEY

  3. Court of Cassation Conference Hall

    Court of Cassation Conference Hall

    Ankara, TURKEY

  4. Sarıyer Municipality / Boğaziçi Culture and Art Center

    Sarıyer Municipality / Boğaziçi Culture and Art Center

    İstanbul, TURKEY

  5. 01 Burda Performance Hall

    01 Burda Performance Hall

    Adana, TURKEY

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