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JJP is an architectural and planning firm dedicated to providing creative solutions in the design and planning of built environments. Founded in January, 1981 by Mr. Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA, the firm is based in Taipei, Taiwan with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen.
The firm’s ethos is based on the Analects of Confucius doctrine「Set your heart upon the way, base oneself on integrity, lean upon goodness and virtue, and enjoy free spirit in the arts」, which are interpreted as respect natural principles, properly utilize technologies and materials, compassionate towards mankind to achieve freedom in design. In practice, the common aspirations throughout all of JJP’s projects include optimizing programmatic functions, strengthening the urban context, promoting sustainable environments, and creating beautiful buildings that positively contribute towards mankind.
With these values in mind, JJP believes that the best design is the product of an open-minded search, one without preconceptions or stylistic formula. This belief has led the firm to successfully operate on a diverse scale of projects, ranging from the dynamic aesthetics of the headquarters and museum of the world’s largest bicycle company, to a cradle to cradle temporary installation for a lantern festival. Unbounded by conventions, the firm overcame difficult site, structural and budgetary constraints to achieve an innovative design for a typically mundane logistic center. Unique amongst architectural firms in Taiwan, JJP employs a highly competent site supervision group so that it can be actively engaged from concept to completion with a focus on delivering a quality project.
Being at the forefront of the architectural field in Taiwan, the firm has demonstrated the highest levels of professional expertise, especially when handling state-of-the-art, complex and large-scale projects. The firm has been a major contributor towards the economic development of Taiwan, especially in the growth of the island’s three major science parks. Last year, the hi-tech manufacturing projects designed by JJP accounted for 30% of Taiwan’s GDP. Whereas most firms will be content with satisfying the technical requirements and schedule demands, JJP goes a step further and actively responds to the needs of people and the environment as evident in the fabrication and R+D facilities across a wide spectrum of industries such as semiconductors.
The firm’s design approach is characterized by collaborating with clients and listening effectively to their needs. From public libraries to college and corporate campuses, the firm believes the best results are a synthesis of disciplines: planning, architecture, engineering, landscape and interiors. Furthermore, the incorporation of technology must always be complemented by a compassion towards people - not just merely meeting their immediate needs - but realizing their aspirations while anticipating new ways of living, working and learning.
Such accomplishments are affirmed by the multiple international awards for design excellence that the firm has received. Eager to propel the culture of architecture forward, the firm has published four monographs to date, with the latest one released in 2018, titled “Cultivating Compassion: Humanistic Architecture as Practiced by JJP Architects and Planners”.


  1. Award Winning Kinmen Public Library and Art Museum

    Kinmen Public Library and Art Museum

    Kinmen County, TAIWAN

  2. Award Winning Delta Americas Headquarters

    Delta Americas Headquarters

    Fremont, CA

  3. RCCC Charis Chapel, Rutgers Community Christian Church

    RCCC Charis Chapel, Rutgers Community Christian Church

    Somerset, NJ

  4. Xinheng Neihu Office Building

    Xinheng Neihu Office Building

    Taipei, TAIWAN

  5. Award Winning NCCU Center for Public and Business Administration Education

    NCCU Center for Public and Business Administration Education

    Taipei, TAIWAN

  6. Award Winning Multi-Functional Auditorium, National Central University

    Multi-Functional Auditorium, National Central University

    Taoyuan, TAIWAN

  7. Award Winning Open Heavens/Evangelize China Fellowship Church

    Open Heavens/Evangelize China Fellowship Church

    New Taipei City, TAIWAN

  8. Award Winning ALP Logistics Republic Yangmei

    ALP Logistics Republic Yangmei

    Taoyuan, TAIWAN

  9. Campus Evangelical Fellowship Headquarters

    Campus Evangelical Fellowship Headquarters

    Taipei, TAIWAN

  10. CHPT Headquarters

    CHPT Headquarters

    Taoyuan, TAIWAN

  11. Hyperloop Desert Campus

    Hyperloop Desert Campus

    Mojave Desert, NV

  12. Award Winning Giant Group Global Headquarters

    Giant Group Global Headquarters

    Taichung, TAIWAN

  13. cultivating compassion

    cultivating compassion

    Taipei, TAIWAN

  14. Award Winning Midway House

    Midway House

    Hsinchu, TAIWAN

  15. Taiwan Photon Source Accelerator Facilities

    Taiwan Photon Source Accelerator Facilities

    Hsinchu, TAIWAN

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