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Founded 20 years ago, the Martin Forcinito Arquitectos studio carries out the production of multiple architectural projects of different sizes and types, but always with a commitment to the natural and built environment.
The initial years of the study, with the obtaining of multiple awards in national and international competitions, was followed by a stage of development of small and medium-scale buildings in the City of Buenos Aires. Over time, these projects grew in importance, consolidating themselves into large housing complexes, in which unavoidable commercial requirements coexist with an architectural search and a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. Among others, the El Reflejo and La Mansa complexes stand out, both in Nordelta.
Parallel to these projects, urban projects were developed in different parts of the country, as well as the realization of residential and office buildings in the City of Buenos Aires. The project experience obtained in these years also opened the possibility of participating in a private competition in order to define the implantation and project of a boutique hotel in Futaleufú, Chile: Uman Lodge, the first work outside Argentina of the Study.
The studio lives in its present a new stage, in which the works are developed with a deep analysis of the city, its growth and its urban configuration, respecting the built environment, with the intention of participating positively in the consolidation of a sustainable fabric in urban and architectural terms. This objective is consolidated through an in-depth study of the Urban Code, the implementation of its projects, its limitations and its possibilities, thus determining the resulting volumes. Similarly, the Studio's premise is the generation of spaces that benefit future users of its projects, always seeking to generate a unique experience in the act of living.
At the same time, architecture is always considered as an act of real construction, which leads to projects always materializing. This is possible thanks to a meticulous development of the details, the possibilities of the materials and the available technology, from the beginning to the finished work.
It is important to emphasize that, based on the inevitable commercial requirements, the implementation of all of the above produces that both references can coexist, both commercial and architectural, without sacrificing the values of the Firm.
Thus, the Martín Forcinito Arquitectos studio is consolidated as one of the most prolific within a new generation of Argentine architects, where non-negotiable aspects of quality architecture are agreed, the real and harmonious materialization with the existing environment, together with an optimization of the urban code and commercial aspects.


  1. Nuevo Quilmes Plaza

    Nuevo Quilmes Plaza

    Buenos Aires, Quilmes, ARGENTINA

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