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  • 116 W. Illinois Street

    Chicago, IL 60654
    Vladimir Radutny
    [email protected]


  • Radutny

Firm Description

Founded in 2008, our Architecture + Design practice has been focusing on innovative design solutions that challenge the conventional interpretations of space, function, and material use.

Our studio’s approach is ideas-driven, with dedication to artistic thinking and experimentation, testing designs that result in work that moves beyond just an aesthetic response. Through questioning, we seek to understand the nuances of each project and through imagination, we pursue meaningful solutions as the basis from which the final project grows.

Having our work recognized, published and exhibited, our practice does not shy away from projects no matter the size, scope or place. We welcome opportunities and clients who share our passion to create.


  1. Award Winning 2016 West Rice

    2016 West Rice

    Chicago, IL

  2. Unit 2808

    Unit 2808

    Chicago, IL

  3. Award Winning Michigan Loft

    Michigan Loft

    Chicago, IL

  4. Award Winning Unit 9C

    Unit 9C

    Chicago, IL

  5. Sawyer Residence

    Sawyer Residence

    Chicago, IL

  6. Newport Residence

    Newport Residence

    Chicago, IL

  7. Award Winning Sukhman Yagoda Law Offices

    Sukhman Yagoda Law Offices

    Chicago, IL

  8. Award Winning Unit 3E

    Unit 3E

    Chicago, IL

  9. Glenwood Remodel

    Glenwood Remodel

    Chicago, IL, USA

  10. Artist Studio

    Artist Studio

    Dorset, VT, USA

  11. Greenleaf Residence

    Greenleaf Residence

    Chicago, IL

  12. Award Winning 2000 S. Michigan Fitness Room

    2000 S. Michigan Fitness Room

    Chicago, IL

  13. Award Winning Minimalist Studio Conceals Space-Saving Solutions

    Minimalist Studio Conceals Space-Saving Solutions

    Chicago, Illinois

  14. Award Winning Ranquist Development Group Offices

    Ranquist Development Group Offices

    Chicago, IL, USA

  15. Award Winning Chabad Center of Toledo

    Chabad Center of Toledo

    Toledo, OH, USA

  16. Award Winning TOLEDO CHABAD CENTER


    Toledo, OH, USA



    Chicago, IL, USA

  18. Brise Soleil Canopy

    Brise Soleil Canopy

    Chicago, IL, United States

  19. Unit 20G

    Unit 20G

    Chicago, IL, United States

  20. Synagogue FREE

    Synagogue FREE

    Riverwoods, IL, United States

  21. Stand Alone

    Stand Alone

    Chicago, IL, United States

  22. Vegas Loft

    Vegas Loft

    Las Vegas, NV, United States

  23. Chabad FREE Center

    Chabad FREE Center

    Des Plaines, IL, United States

  24. Award Winning Unit 4906

    Unit 4906

    Chicago, IL, United States

  25. Award Winning Planted Environment

    Planted Environment

    Chicago, IL, United States

  26. R3 House

    R3 House

    Chicago, IL, United States

  27. Award Winning Locomobile Lofts

    Locomobile Lofts

    Chicago, IL, United States

  28. Coupet Enclosure

    Coupet Enclosure

    Chicago, IL, United States

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