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Products: Fall Call Editor's Picks

Pulled from a pool of over 140 submissions, here are the 15 winners of ARCHITECT’s... More

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Energy Performance Window Package From Andersen

Andersen. The EcoExcel energy performance package includes all windows that qualify for the federal energy tax credit and an online service to verify compliance with the tax credit and save the manufacturer’s certification statement. Andersen also sponsors “Windows in Sustainable Design: Design Principles and Federal Tax Incentives,” an AIA-approved continuing education course at Pictured: 400 Series Woodwright double-hung windows with Low-E4 glass. 800.426.4261. More

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Product Review: Windows

Spot-specing windows based on their orientation--rather than installing a houseful of the same model--can have a significant impact on efficiency and homeowner comfort. More

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Optimizing Windows

Spot-specing windows based on their orientation--rather than installing a houseful of the same model--can have a significant impact on efficiency and homeowner comfort. More

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Windows & Doors Review: Impact-Resistant Glass

By the end of next year, heavy-duty, impact-resistant windows will come standard in all new WCI Communities homes along the hurricane-prone Florida coast ;even though local codes allow builders to substitute less-expensive accordion or roll-down shutters. More

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Window & Door Review: Energy-Saving Glazings

Indeed, aluminum cladding has been embraced by builders and consumers for its reliable performance and low-maintenance characteristics. "It's crisp, stable, and it doesn't expand and contract like other materials", says Engerman. Unfortunately, it is also a good conductor of heat and cold. To compensate, manufacturers are engineering their newest models with the highest-performing glazings, such as argon-filled low-E2, and other insulating materials. Consequently, products such as Caradco's Tradition Plus and Pella's ProLine double-hung aluminum-clad wood windows meet or exceed the DOE's tough Energy Star requirements. More

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100 Series Windows by Andersen

Made for builders in the West, the 100 series product line is certified by Scientific Certification Systems for having a minimum of 40 percent pre-consumer recycled content by weight and for not releasing VOCs. The window is made from Fibrex, a blend of sawdust and polymer. The series is available with 50 glass options, including low-E and dual-pane. 800.426.4261. More

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Green Products From the 2009 International Builders' Show

Despite the cloud hanging over this year’s International Builders’ Show—a dramatic difference from the record crowds just two years ago—there will still be plenty of manufacturers on hand exhibiting a range of great new products. Not surprising, many of those products are green. Here’s a look at a few of the products that will be on display in Vegas. And check back next week for product coverage straight from the show floor. More

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closing ranks

Building a house on a sweet spot near the coast is a commission most architects covet. But when Hurricane Andrew slammed into South Florida, on Aug. 24, 1992, it made some reconsider the opportunity. More

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Tall Orders

Time was, when you speced windows for an apartment building or condo, you probably chose aluminum. More


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