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Embellished: A Look at Architectural Ornament of the Past

From intricate carton-pierre moldings to durable pressed zinc patterns, peruse... More

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Across the Pond: A Look at 20th-Century Architecture and Building Catalogs From England

From an 1880s guide to decorative toilets to documents on steel, page through... More

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Midcentury Guides to Building and Owning a Home

From a Victorian-era woodwork catalog to a building guide in Hawaii, flip through... More

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Baked Earth: The Art and Economy of Architectural Terra Cotta

Flip through these early examples of architectural terra cotta and decorative... More

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Made in Brooklyn: A Glimpse into the Borough's Manufacturing History

Page through products made in New York's Brooklyn borough in the Building... More

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Midcentury Modern Throughout the Years

Browse catalogs filled with design from the post–World War II era style in the... More

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The Enduring Charm of Log Cabins

Browse log cabin plans and construction techniques in the Building Technology... More

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Living the Good Life in California

Browse house plan catalogs from the Golden State in the Building Technology... More

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Frank Lloyd Wright Designs in Trade Publications and More

From detailed monographs to materials selection, see the American icon's work in... More

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Feast Your Eyes on These Architectural Residential Drawings of the Past

Peruse detailed architectural drawings from the Building Technology Heritage... More


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