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Case Study: Seattle-Area Home Is Living Lab for Green Building

Shirley contracting had to enlist a true team of experts, including several engineers, a land-use planner, two landscape architecture firms, and a wildlife biologists, to tackle the challenges this steep and sensitively-zoned site presented. More

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SIPs Provide Efficient, Fast Building Alternative

Though they still make up a small share of the market, structural insulated panels provide an alternative to stick-building that's efficient during and after construction. More

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Structural Insulated Panel System From Insulspan

Consisting of solid one-piece pre-cut SIP units, the Insulspan Structural Insulated Panel System comes ready to assemble as wall, floor, or roof components, reducing construction time and improving efficiency, the company says. According to the firm, the system’s roof and wall assemblies offer a 40% to 60% reduction in heat loss and significantly reduce air leakage. 800.726.3510. More

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Structural Insulated Panels

By now familiar to most builders, SIPs are made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) or polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation sandwiched between two structural sheets of oriented strand board. About 12,000 homes were built with SIPs in 2002, according to the Gig Harbor, Wash.-based Structural Insulated Panel Association.Considering how many houses are erected annually, this number is barely a blip on the national radar. The technology, however, is gaining acceptance. Even the nation's largest home builder, Pulte, is testing the viability of producing large quantities of SIPs houses. More

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