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12 Products to Discover Inside Livabl's Virtual Concept Home

Ideally suited for the flexible residential design, these products showcase the... More

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Eight Exciting Tech Products for Architects from CES 2018

Connected devices were at the forefront of the annual event, which showcased... More

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The 2016 Lightfair Innovation Award Winners

This year's top products show the prevalence of LED technology for integrated... More

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A Roundup of the Best New Tech for Architects from CES 2014

From a thermal-imaging mobile app to a dry erase board made of Corning's Gorilla... More

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Dishwashers combine energy efficiency, water conservation, and premium cleaning

With a range of options for Energy Star–rated appliances, recycled content, and low-VOC finishes, the kitchen is one of the easiest places to go green. And you can bet it’s the most noticeable. One place to start is with one of the most visible energy hogs in the room: Cycle by cycle, the dishwasher motors away to heat, spray, and drain the water necessary to remove those baked-on, caked-on, stuck-on foods. More

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