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Tech 2020 Predictions and 2010 Reflections in Architecture

Nine design leaders identify significant developments from the past decade and... More

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What Happened at Autodesk University 2019

Emphasis on automation, technology overload, and thumping music made repeat... More

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Can Algorithms Design Buildings?

After decades of unsuccessful attempts to generate building layouts automatically,... More

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Glittering Prizes for Sober Buildings

It’s not enough to be pretty any more. Now you have to make a difference to get... More

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2018 City of Dreams Pavilion Winner Announced

The winning project features a series of elevated circular structures made of... More

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Five Finalists Announced for the 2018 City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition

The winning project will be announced by the end of this month and the pavilion... More

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What's Next: Reprogramming Practice

In some sectors, disruption is so pervasive that it’s practically a cliché. Soon... More

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The Polymath: David Benjamin Is Expanding The Definition of Architecture

Embracing multiple disciplines as easily as a polyglot switches languages, David... More

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