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Professional Series Built-In Steam and Convection Oven, Thermador

The kitchen-appliance manufacturer adds a built-in steam oven. More

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Energy Star Wine Columns from Thermador

Dual temperature and humidity controls keep wines perfectly chilled. More

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Freedom wine columns by Thermador

Re-engineered hinges allow for a fully flush installation of the Freedom built-in wine columns. More

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Thermador's Pro Grand Steam Range

The Pro Grand Steam Range offers seven cooking options. More

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Merit Award, Whole-House Remodeling $250,000 – $500,000: Reach for the Sky

Moving a staircase and adding a skylight works wonders for lightening up a century-old row house. More

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cutler anderson architects

"Enduring design is like good poetry ... the most said with the minimum use of words. In the case of physical design, this means the revealing of a story through the language that is inherent in materials." More

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iconic columns

Cutler Anderson Architects: Thermador’s concealed 24-inch wide columns. More

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New Features and Technologies Boost Refrigerator Efficiency

As homeowners demand resource-conserving features, appliance makers are responding with a range of energy-saving details, including improved insulation and new compressor technologies. More

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Dishwashers combine energy efficiency, water conservation, and premium cleaning

With a range of options for Energy Star–rated appliances, recycled content, and low-VOC finishes, the kitchen is one of the easiest places to go green. And you can bet it’s the most noticeable. One place to start is with one of the most visible energy hogs in the room: Cycle by cycle, the dishwasher motors away to heat, spray, and drain the water necessary to remove those baked-on, caked-on, stuck-on foods. More

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