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Award: Zippered Wood Twists the Standard 2x4 to Craft New Forms

Researchers at the University of British Columbia's HiLo Lab, University of... More

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This Week in Tech: A Floating Park Made Entirely of Recycled Plastic Waste

Plus, new legislation that would require New York skyscrapers to have green roofs,... More

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This Week in Tech: UNStudio Launches Tech Startup For Developing Smart Cities

Plus, wood insulation that is 30 times stronger than synthetic options, less... More

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This Week in Tech: Earthquake-Resistant Concrete Shakes Up the Industry

Plus, a battery that inhales and exhales oxygen, an interactive pedestrian... More

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The University of British Columbia's Brock Commons Takes the Title of Tallest Wood Tower

A hybrid of mass timber products with concrete and steel components, the 18-story,... More

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Award: Breaking the Mold

HouMinn Practice creates one-off panels with minimal waste, energy, and material. More


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