University of California at Berkeley

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UC Berkeley Appoints Lisa Iwamoto as New Chair of Architecture

The architecture professor became chair Dec. 1 after teaching in the College of... More

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Week in Tech: Inflatable Structures Get an Upgrade

Plus, the world's whitest paint from Purdue University, compostable plastic from... More

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U.C. Berkeley Researchers 3D Print a Cement-Powder Pavilion

The novel material allows for a precise, lightweight construction that claims to be the first of its kind. More

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Overheard at ACADIA: The Future of Architecture, Design, and Fabrication Lies in Computers

Technology leaders at the 34th annual Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture conference see programming, software development, and engineering as integral to next-gen architecture. More

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Old Solyndra Tubes Now a Pavilion

Rael San Fratello Architects designs a pavilion for the University of California... More

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