None of the firms we profile here were around when we launched the magazine 15 years ago, but they've since established a trajectory that we're eager to track in the years to come.

workshop/apd, New York

An ambitious New York firm continues to evolve.


SsD, Cambridge, Mass.

SsD has built its reputation upon out-of-the-box sustainable thinking.


Merge Architects, Boston

Merge Architects uses the alchemy of design to elevate simple forms and commonplace materials.


Andrew Maynard Architects, Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Maynard Architects focuses on sustainable, primarily residential design, but it's also interested in myriad concepts that help green our planet.


Max Strang Architecture, Miami

Max Strang's move to a remote office has only enhanced his firm's work.


MADE, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The evolution of Brooklyn, N.Y., design/build firm MADE.


in situ studio, Raleigh, N.C.

Launched in the midst of a recession, in situ studio succeeds by combining big-league talent with rookie enthusiasm.


Hufft Projects, Kansas City, Mo.

For Hufft Projects, diversification is destiny.


Howeler + Yoon Architecture, Boston

Designing different project types keeps things interesting for Howeler + Yoon.


Grzywinski + Pons, New York

Grzywinski + Pons brings elegance to projects large and small.


Chen + Suchart Studio, Phoenix

Chen + Suchart Studio houses are cleanly geometrical, earthy in their use of materials, and at home in their desert surroundings.


5468796 architecture, winnipeg

5468796 architecture is pushing the edge of design in Winnipeg.


Altius Architecture, Toronto

Altius Architecture brings a bold, sustainable modernism to Toronto's in-town neighborhoods and the city's outlying "cottage country."


Interface Studio Architects, Philadelphia

Interface Studio Architects uses research, teaching, and community involvement to support and enliven its practice.


Bercy Chen Studio, Austin, Texas

Thomas Bercy and Calvin Chen share international upbringings and an easy-going collaborative design approach, both of which they credit for their young firm's global recognition.