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On the cusp of Halloween, is out with a survey that might seem more batty than enlightening: Many people are open to living with ghosts year-round, especially when a few bumps in the night lead to more home for their money or the chance to live in a better neighborhood. Amityville, Long Island, here we come.

This is according to the results of a Haunted Real Estate survey released today by

The survey, which queried more than 1,000 online respondents in late September, revealed that 33 percent of respondents are open to communing with Casper, 25 percent might be, and 42 percent are not open to the idea.

When asked about the factors that may sway their decision:

  • 40 percent of respondents indicated that they need a price reduction in order to choose a haunted home over a non-haunted home,
  • 35 percent require a better neighborhood,
  • 32 percent need larger square footage,
  • and 29 percent would do so if more bedrooms are involved.

Only 8 percent of respondents said they require no additional perks to purchase a haunted home.

In contrast, 47 percent of those surveyed indicate they would live in a home where someone died, 27 percent said they might, and 26 percent said they would not.

"Haunted houses are a popular attraction this time of year, but we wanted to see how many people would actually live in one," said Sarah Staley, on behalf of "What we found may be a sign of today's tight housing market, or for many living in a haunted house doesn't have to be a deal breaker."

The survey also revealed that people prefer some paranormal activities over others. For instance, 48 percent of respondents open to living in a haunted house indicated they could tolerate cold or hot spots in their home. The next most acceptable activity was strange noises, at 45 percent, followed by strange feelings in certain rooms at 39 percent, and unexplained shadows at 35 percent. The least tolerable happenings included levitating objects and the feeling of being touched, both of which are acceptable to 20 percent of respondents.

Living in a haunted home is not out of the ordinary for many people. According to the survey, 28 percent of respondents believe they have lived in a haunted home, 14 percent think they may have and 58 percent indicate said they have never lived in one. When asked what made them think the home was haunted, 58 percent cited strange noises, 51 percent revealed strange feelings in certain rooms, and 40 percent indicated objects moving or disappearing.

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