Metrostudy, a Hanley Wood Company, today announced a massive expansion of their Metrostudy Demand Insights datasets through the national rollout of its sales contract methodology. With this expansion, Metrostudy is now the only industry provider who can deliver a view into the complete construction and real estate project lifecycle with timely and accurate proprietary datasets spanning both supply and demand insights, as well as closings data, consumer segmentation and demographics intelligence.

“We are expanding our ability to provide a complete hyperlocal view of the market our clients need to make data-driven decisions in an easy-to-use, single-source solution,” said Peter Goldstone, CEO of Hanley Wood. “With our expert field force of 500-plus researchers physically located in local markets across the U.S., the data is unsurpassed in terms of comprehensiveness, pinpoint-level detail, and accuracy.”

The expanded Metrostudy Demand Insights dataset includes must-have sales, traffic, and real-time pricing data that sales, marketing, land and C-Suite executives need to optimize their product positioning within their competitive marketplaces. Delivered through Metrostudy’s market leading analytical tools, it enables the industry’s first and only complete construction and real estate project lifecycle intelligence solution.

“Our clients need timely competitor pricing and sales activity information to optimize their go-to-market strategies,” said Andy Reid, President of Metrostudy. “Our customers have asked us to deliver a complete lifecycle data solution for informed decision-making across their entire organization. Not only does our single-source solution do just that, the combination of these two methodologies result in new insights never before available to the industry.”

The unprecedented combination of the two complementary research methodologies: the new sales contract and Metrostudy’s industry standard field survey methodology, coupled with its deed data, answers all of a client’s supply and demand-side data needs, eliminating any need for the industry to use limited-in-scope and less robust datasets provided by competing firms. Metrostudy’s rigorous approach, built on its 40 years of research experience, provides accurate and comprehensive coverage by tracking the monthly sales and traffic numbers for builder projects around the country and includes real-time pricing updates along with incentives, floorplans and elevations.

From community planning to closeout, Metrostudy’s supply and Demand Insights datasets are complete, aligned, and consistent providing market clarity in a single user-friendly format. Clients can get the answers they need without friction; there is no need to translate the data to get to a single meaning or use multiple platforms to obtain critical and informed insights necessary for key business decisions.

Clients now have critical, real-time, insights into their competitors’ strategies and local homebuyer preferences, including:· Competitor pricing movements and sales trends
· Inventory spec levels
· Product mix analysis tools to ensure their strategy aligns with shifting market conditions
· Insight into homebuyer demographics, preferences, and identification of potential buyers for targeted marketing

This single-source solution puts the client in the center of their marketplace with trusted supply and demand data to inform business decisions in real-time and across the organization, whether it be at the C-Suite level, sales and marketing professionals, land acquisition or development teams. Specifically, clients can:· Completely understand supply and demand at all levels, from across the nation to around the block
· Identify opportunities and evaluate new deals faster with confidence
· Support decisions with complete and accurate information leading to a robust land pipeline
· Keep a finger on the market’s pulse with competitor pricing, sales contracts, and traffic conversion intel to quickly adjust strategies
· Optimize targeted marketing efforts and product positioning