This story was originally published in Affordable Housing Finance.

Puerto Rico nonprofits are getting a boost to increase their capacity to meet crucial community needs as the island continues to recover from hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

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In January, Enterprise Community Partners, NeighborWorks America, and the Puerto Rico Community Foundation launched a new network to provide training, networking, and funding for nonprofits to address areas such as housing, education, health, and resilience.

The Puerto Rico Nonprofit Capacity Building Network will develop an infrastructure to improve coordination among nonprofits, government, and business and will equip nonprofits with tools to enhance advocacy, collaboration, efficiency, financial planning, and leadership.

“Enterprise recognizes the immense dedication of Puerto Rico’s nonprofits—and the challenges they must regularly overcome—based on our collaboration with them and with business and government on the island over the past two decades,” said Laurel Blatchford, president of Enterprise Community Partners. “I’m proud that the Puerto Rico Nonprofit Capacity Building Network will provide training and expertise that can significantly increase nonprofits’ ability to advance affordable housing and other avenues to opportunity for Puerto Ricans.”

Local nonprofits have a better understanding of residents’ needs and continue to play a key role in the hurricane recovery response, supporting low-income households who have less access to resources. One of the network’s first initiatives will provide nonprofits with training on Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funds for recovery and rebuilding.

“NeighborWorks is honored to be part of this important work that leverages our 30 years of community development investment in Puerto Rico and supports the tireless efforts of nonprofits on the island that continue to help rebuild infrastructure, homes, business, and lives after the devastating hurricanes of 2017,” said Marietta Rodriguez, president and CEO of NeighborWorks America.

This story was originally published in Affordable Housing Finance.