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In what may seem like a particularly polarizing time for discourse, Samantha McCloud, AIA, welcomes your questions about equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). Based in Kansas City, Mo., a city that historically ranks as one of the most segregated in the nation, McCloud knows her hometown has room for improvement. But as someone who began advocating for equity as an architecture student, she has never been one to shy from an uphill battle.

Samantha McCloud
Samantha McCloud

Now the director of community involvement, diversity & inclusion at GastingerWalker& and an active member of AIA Kansas City, McCloud has led initiatives to increase EDI across industries in her region, with measurable results (see her opinion piece "Elevating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in America’s Heartland"). In this podcast episode, McCloud describes the necessary ingredients to make gains in EDI, establishing an open dialogue about tough topics, and how she hopes her job title will one day become irrelevant.

Episode 34: No Judgment Here: Starting the EDI Conversation, featuring Samantha McCloud, is also available on SoundCloud and on iTunes.

This podcast episode was produced by Wanda Lau, Lauren Honesty, and Daniel Tayag.