When Adam Snow Frampton, AIA, and Karolina Czeczek decided on Only If as the name for their Brooklyn, N.Y.–based firm, they did so because the phrase "is a condition rather than a definitive—it is optimistic and open-ended." Seven years later, the duo is forced to embrace this optimism as they navigate the challenges of operating a small practice amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the virus's U.S. epicenter.

Sam Nixon

In this podcast episode, Frampton and Czeczek discuss the steps they have taken to stabilize the firm in a time of uncertainty, how their roles as educators have shifted, and the projects that are keeping them motivated.

Episode 50: Only If On Managing a Small Firm During a Pandemic, featuring Adam Snow Frampton and Karolina Czeczek, is also available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and GooglePlay.

To learn more about Only If, read its Next Progressives profile. This podcast episode was produced by Katharine Keane and Rob Grauert.