Earlier today, Zaha Hadid Architects principal and an executor of the late architect's $90 million estate, Patrik Schumacher, filed a claim in London's High Court to remove Rana Hadid (Hadid's niece), artist Brian Clarke, and developer Peter Palumbo as his co-executors. If successful, this move would leave Schumacher as the sole party responsible for Hadid's estate.

In light of the news, Rana Hadid, Clarke, and Palumbo—all trustees of the Zaha Hadid Foundation—responded to the news with a statement made public by The Guardian critic Oliver Wainwright.

"These executors were appointed personally by Zaha Hadid because she trusted them to act in her best interest. All three were known to Zaha for decades, one of was a close family member, and the other two were good friends."

A lawyer representing the trio continued:

"The attempt to remove these three executors is totally unjustified and misconceived. Unlike Mr. Schumacher (who is seeking to gain financially from the estate), the 3 executors have no personal financial interest. They have at all times acted properly and in good faith with the desire to do their best for the estate given their friendship with Zaha Hadid."

Rana Hadid also stated, "My aunt, Zaha, would have been devastated to learn what Schumacher is doing and we feel obliged to resist his claims in order to defend her great name and legacy."

Tensions among Hadid's executors have played out publicly since Schumacher made controversial statements about social housing in London at the 2016 World Architecture Festival. At the time, Rana Hadid, Clarke, and Palumbo condemned his remarks.

This is a developing story and will be updated when more information becomes available.