Perkins+Will announced last week that it has acquired architecture firm Sink Combs Dethlefs. Sink Combs Dethlefs, founded in 1962, operated offices in Denver and Chicago; the Denver office, led by managing director and former Sink Combs Dethlefs president Andy Barnard, AIA, is now under the Perkins+Will umbrella, and the Chicago team will move to Perkins+Will's Chicago office. Sink Combs Dethlefs also had project offices in Los Angeles and Ann Arbor, Mich., which Perkins+Will CEO Phil Harrison, FAIA, says via email are "are no longer active."

"The biggest driver behind the union of our two firms is the increasing focus on designing for ‘full-circle’ health and well-being—that is, giving people the opportunity to be active, fit, healthy, and happy at every point on the continuum of life experience," Harrison said in a press release.