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The Architect Podcast Network is the podcast of ARCHITECT, the journal of the American Institute of Architects. Here, we talk with the innovators working at the cutting edge of design, technology, and practice in architecture.

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Q+A: 'The Statue' Takes Listeners Inside How We Memorialize

Hosted by Monument Lab co-founder and director Paul Farber, the podcast series... More

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Podcast: How to Design the Acoustics of a Concert Hall

In the fourth episode in our series on sound, architectural acoustics expert and... More

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Podcast: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing an Acoustic Space

In this third episode in our series on sound, architectural acoustics expert and... More

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Podcast: Unpacking the Latest Trends in Architectural Acoustics

In this second episode in our series on sound, architectural acoustics expert and... More

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Podcast: How Can Architects Better Understand Sound?

In this episode, architectural acoustics expert and educator Michael Ermann and... More

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Shepley Bulfinch Past and Present CEOs Discuss Design Leadership in Challenging Times

Hear what Carole Wedge and Angela Watson, the respective former and current... More

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What Does DEI Have to Do with Architecture?

Listen to consultant Nancy Alexander, Perkins&Will principal Gabrielle Bullock,... More

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How LMN Bridges Thoughtful Design with Public Infrastructure

Listen to LMN Architects partner Stephen Van Dyck and principal Scott Crawford... More

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Explore Steven Holl Architects’ New Winter Visual Arts Center

Steven Holl discusses his firm’s recently completed project at Franklin & Marshall... More

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Podcast: Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley on the Architecture of Quarantine

Karrie Jacobs interviews the writers about their forthcoming book on the history... More

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Meet SOM's First All-Female Executive Committee

Listen to Skidmore, Owings & Merrill partners Carrie Byles, Laura Ettelman, and... More

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Michael Ford on the Intersection of Hip Hop, Activism, and Architecture

Listen to the founder of the Hip Hop Architecture Camp trace the influence of the... More

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James Garrett Jr. Hopes George Floyd Is the Final Wake-Up Call Architects Need

Listen to the co-founder of 4RM+ULA, in St. Paul, Minn., detail the impact of... More

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Curtis and Jonathan Moody on Being Leaders, African Americans, and Family Members in Architecture

Listen to the father–son duo and respective past and current CEOs of Moody Nolan... More

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How a Public Health Crisis Forced Agency—Agency to Rethink Engagement and Design

In this podcast episode, founder Tei Carpenter discusses her shifting approach to... More

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Studio Gang's FDNY Rescue Company 2 Rethinks the Modern Firehouse

Jeanne Gang discusses her firm's recently completed project in Brooklyn, N.Y., and... More

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Only If On Managing a Small Firm During a Pandemic

In this podcast episode, the founders of this Brooklyn, N.Y.–based firm share how... More

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MASS Design Group Is Using Design to Fight Infection

In this podcast episode, founding principal and executive director Michael Murphy... More

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LPA on How to Achieve the 2030 Challenge Targets Toward Carbon Neutrality

Hear how the largest firm to meet the energy reduction goal of the AIA 2030... More

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Borderless Studio Is All About Building Community

In this podcast episode, the Chicago-based principals Paola Aguirre Serrano and... More

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How Sustainable is Your Housing Type?

Gordon Gill and Christopher Drew of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture... More

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The Former Founders of Case Discuss WeWork's Lasting Impact on Architecture

David Fano, Federico Negro, and Steve Sanderson, the trio behind the company... More

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Joint Structures: A New Typology for a Networked Society

In this podcast episode, Vital principal Nash Hurley discusses his firm's urban... More

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Podcast: Addressing Our Own Bias to Design Better

HKS' director of equity, diversity, and inclusion Yiselle Santos Rivera discusses... More

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The Importance of Collective Form for the Open Workshop

Hear from Open Workshop founder Neeraj Bhatia on the shared values that influence... More

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Taller Ken on Managing Its 'Nomadic' Practice

In this podcast episode, principals Inés Guzmán and Gregory Melitonov discuss how... More

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Podcast: The Need for Architecture That Enables, Not Disables

Anyone can experience a disability in their life, and design—and designers—must be... More

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How After Architecture Balances Practice with Materials Research

In this podcast episode, firm principals Katie MacDonald and Kyle Schumann discuss... More

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Podcast: Why Architecture Is Political

Like many designers, Siboney Díaz-Sánchez believes architecture can improve and... More

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Podcast: Driving Real Social Change Through Public Interest Architecture

Designing Justice + Designing Spaces co-founder Deanna Van Buren wanted to help... More

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Podcast: Let's Reconsider That Indigenous Tattoo

From body art to marketing language and architectural design, cultural... More

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Podcast: Giving Refugee Communities the Design They Deserve

OBAT Helpers executive director Immad Ahmed discusses the challenges in creating... More

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Podcast: No Judgment Here: Starting the EDI Conversation

Questioning the need for equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives should not... More

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Podcast: Why CODA Prioritizes Approach Over Aesthetic

Founder Caroline O'Donnell discuss what drives her practice and designs. More

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Minimize Risk with Design for Healthier Outcomes

Healthier homes are in demand and it takes a comprehensive strategy to deliver. More

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Podcast: Shutting Down Sexism and Other Hallmarks of Leadership

Shepley Bulfinch CEO Carole Wedge describes the traits of trailblazers while... More

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In Planning Their 'Future Firm,' Future Firm Was Born

Hear Chicago-based founders Ann Lui and Craig Reschke discuss how they started... More

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Why Architects Should Be 'ALL In' for Diversity

The profession would benefit from a workforce with a representative range of... More

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Podcast: What is Progressive Architecture?

Listen to the jury of the 66th Annual P/A Awards—Paul Andersen, J. Frano Violich,... More

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What Is a Smart City? Listen to Three Experts Debate

Architect Paul Doherty, policy and sustainability expert Debra Lam, and author... More

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Dissecting the Code, Part 8 - Tall Buildings Get a Safety Check for Seismic Risk

San Francisco recently commissioned a landmark study to ascertain strategies to... More

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Timber on the Rise, Part 9 - Behind the Scenes at Hampshire College's Kern Center

Bruner/Cott Architects' Jason Jewhurst and Hampshire College past president... More

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Dissecting the Code, Part 7 - Why Buildings Are Still Energy Hogs (Hint: It Involves Architects)

Architecture firms that truly function as sustainable design practices are more... More

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Timber on the Rise, Part 8 - So You Want to Build with Wood

Opsis Architecture's Alec Holser and the University of Idaho's Michael Perry... More

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Dissecting the Code, Part 6 - Initiatives to Expedite the Review Process

Chief building officials from Washington, D.C., and Arlington, Va., discuss... More

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Timber on the Rise, Part 7 - Katerra Tackles the Inefficiencies of the Building Industry

The 2,000-person—and counting—technology and construction company is investing... More

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Timber on the Rise, Part 6 - How to Design Commercially Viable Mass Timber Buildings

After serving as architect-of-record on the largest wood structure constructed in... More

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Dissecting the Code, Part 5 - Code Review, Meet Automation

Smartreview Inc. is digitizing one often-excruciating aspect of the building... More

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Timber on the Rise, Part 5 - The Case for Designing with Nail-Laminated Timber

Perkins+Will senior sustainable building adviser Rebecca Holt shares insights from... More

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Dissecting the Code, Part 4 - Mixing Historic Districts with Modern Communities

Nancy Merrill, director of planning and development of Claremont, N.H., discusses... More

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Timber On the Rise, Part 4 - Elevating Design Through Wood

Andrea Leers and Tom Chung of Leers Weinzapfel Associates share insights on UMass... More

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Dissecting the Code, Part 3 - Back to Basics

A run-through the industry's most common building codes can benefit any designer,... More

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Timber On the Rise, Part 3 - The First Timber High-Rise in the U.S.

Thomas Robinson, founder of Lever Architecture, discusses the firm's Framework... More

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Timber On the Rise, Part 2 - Timber and Concrete Hybrid Structural System

Benton Johnson, from the Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, discusses... More

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Timber On the Rise, Part 1 - Dowel-Laminated Timber

Lucas Epp of StructureCraft Builders describes the science behind one of the... More

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Dissecting the Code, Part 2 - Energy Essentials for Designers

What must architects know about the different energy codes that projects and... More

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Dissecting the Code, Part 1 - Raising Expectations

Can—and should—regulation raise the bar for building performance nationwide? Code... More

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MIT's Skylar Tibbits on the Importance of Failure

The inventor of 4D printing and co-director of MIT's Self-Assembly Lab discusses... More

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Pierluigi Serraino on Creativity in Architecture

We dig into a little-known study that got into the heads of the most renowned... More

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Rosa Sheng on Work, Life, and Balance

We discuss overcoming the fear of public speaking, advancement in architecture,... More

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Gretchen Pfaehler on Historic Preservation

The chair of Washington, D.C.'s Historic Preservation Review Board discusses... More

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Art Gensler on Business Management

We talked with the founder of global design firm Gensler about the one skill many... More

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Frank Gehry on Practice and the Profession

We caught up with the Pritzker laureate to get his thoughts on architectural... More

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Jose Sanchez on Video Games and Architecture

Neighborhood-building simulation games grow up and get serious with Block’hood. More

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Charlie Klecha on Acing the Architect Registration Exam

Not sure whether to take the test? Looking for ways to help emerging practitioners... More

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The 2016 PXSTL Design-Build Competition Winners

We call up the Chicago-based artists and co-winners of the biennial competition,... More

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Announcing Our New Podcast: ArchitectChats

For our first episode, we talk with Amelia Baxter and Roald Gundersen, AIA, of... More



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