With their recent move, Chicago-based Brininstool + Lynch didn’t quite get to build a bespoke office space, but they got to do the next best thing: move into a space that they had designed for one of their clients. Back in 2001, the firm rehabbed 1144 West Washington Boulevard, a 1920s brick-and-concrete building, for a tech startup in the up-and-coming West Loop neighborhood. The architects kept the industrial shell of the three-story, 7,500-square-foot structure, but fitted it with new interiors and a contemporary façade—complete with steel-framed windows and doors. A decade later, the 33-person architecture firm spent a year-and-a-half “sleeping on someone else’s sofa waiting for the right space to open up,” principal David Brininstool, AIA, says—until this space became available. “The beauty of it is that we didn’t have to do much,” he says; the refresh simply called for removing some dividing walls to create an open working environment and bringing in new furniture. “When people come in to see us, they can really get a sense of what we’re trying to accomplish,” Brininstool says of the new-to-them space. “It’s about light and space and a sense of flow and movement, and creating subspaces with a feeling of privacy. It’s a living example of what we’re trying to do as architects.”