Luminous Ceilings


Luminous Ceilings, Ceilume 
Ceilume’s translucent, luminous ceiling panels have recently been approved for installation below fire sprinklers. The panels are Class-A rated for surface burning and are made of a thermoplastic material that softens, sags, and drops out of ceiling grids when exposed to heat from a fire. Light sources should be installed at least 6" above the panels. Offered in 40 styles and in dimensions of 24"-square and 24" by 48", the panels can be specified with 40% recycled content.


Eaton’s Cooper Lighting/Sure-Lites

Universal Edge-Lit Exit Sign, Eaton’s Cooper Lighting/Sure-Lites
A streamlined aluminum housing and high-impact acrylic panel helps this universal-mount LED sign from the company’s EUX series meet the aesthetic requirements of a range of spaces. The AC-powered fixture is fitted with a nickel cadmium battery and Eagle Eye self-diagnostics. Mounting options include surface, end, ceiling, wall, and recessed. Lettering is available in red and green on a single- or double-sided lens.


Hubbell Lighting/Dual-Lite

EVHC High Lumen LED Emergency Light, Hubbell Lighting/Dual-Lite
For use in applications including offices, schools, and industrial facilities, EVHC High Lumen LED Emergency Lights can be spaced up to 83' and mounted at heights from 7' to 20'. Offered in 6W and 12W versions with optional diagnostics and two integral lamp heads that use three LEDs each. A lithium iron phosphate battery recharges within 24 hours. The fixture takes 120V to 277V AC input. In black and white finishes.


Lighting Services Inc

BPL Image Projector Series, Lighting Services Inc
This LED projector is designed for throws of up to 20' for black-and-white images and single and multicolored patterns. In 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with a CRI of either 80 or 95, the fixture provides 1,800 to 2,700 lumens. Four cool-touch framing shutters allow for geometric shapes, including true triangles. Offered with a fully rotatable barrel, self-locking zoom lens, multiple mounting options, and an integral AC driver.


Universal Lighting Technologies

Panasonic Projection Lighting Space Player, Universal Lighting Technologies
This 125W H-type track-mounted projector uses a 1,000-lumen solid-state laser diode to spotlight objects and project video or still images, and offers a maximum diagonal throw of 100'. Equipped with vertical, horizontal, and corner keystone correction. A compact housing, sealed optics, and filter-free design eliminates the need for cleaning. The fixture weighs 7 pounds and includes a wireless remote controller.

Daylighting/Solar Control

Solatube International

SkyVault Series Collector, Solatube International 
The company is adding an amplifier to its SkyVault Series core solar tube unit and prismatic diffuser to capture more low-angle daylight and extend delivery during the low-light hours of the day. Suited for high-ceiling commercial applications with ceiling heights of at least 26', the collector intercepts light passing through the dome and directs it into the tubing. An internal reflector helps to minimize solar heat gain.

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