Alternative Materials

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Materials Science Is Starting to Reap the Benefits of AI

"Scientists have begun exploring the use of artificial intelligence tools to... More

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How Can We Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Bricks?

"Several manufacturers have developed building modules that replace fired clay... More

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Exterior and Interior Surfaces Can Help Mitigate Air Pollution

From carbon dioxide–absorbing paints to bacteria-removing wallpaper, Blaine... More

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Advances in Fabric Technology Point to a Promising Future

New developments may expand the material's "versatility in design applications,"... More

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Is There New Hope for Plastic?

Blaine Brownell examines a recent breakthrough in bioplastics, which could "... More

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East Palestine Disaster Raises New Questions About Reliance on Toxic Materials

"It’s remarkable that, amid all the anger and speculation stoked by the... More

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Will Forests Drive the Hydrogen Economy?

Canada-based Hydrogen Naturally is converting wood waste to hydrogen fuel,... More

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Hemp: The Next Disruptor in Construction After Wood?

Blaine Brownell posits that with faster cultivation rates, a higher carbon capture... More

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The Biowaste Revolution

Startups like Ottan Studio and Biohm are designing sustainable building products... More

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Straight from Mars: On-Site, On-Demand, Custom Construction

This HIVE Re:Think podcast explores an innovation based on space exploration that... More


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