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Week in Tech: Generating Energy from Sewage

Plus, Tadao Ando's contribution to a series of high-design public restrooms in... More

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Too Close to Home: Infrastructure Inequality in the U.S.

They say America is two worlds: one black, one white. Maybe it’s also two worlds... More

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ASU’s High Standard for High-Performance Building

Arizona State University’s campus architect explains the Tempe, Ariz., institution... More

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Utilities Integrate to Achieve Clean Water Act Compliance

Water, sewer, and stormwater utilities unite to improve watershed quality. More

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Tiny Trailers for Living Large Off-the-Grid

Wohnwagon’s tiny trailers are built with recycled materials and power themselves... More

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Stanford Researchers Create Battery Powered by Sewage

This microbe battery could offset some of the electricity required to treat wastewater. More

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Beyond Water-Efficient Fixtures

Vision 2020 Water Efficiency chair Paula Kehoe talks about her experiences in government water resource management—and what readers can learn from it. More

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Framework Helps Governments Manage Stormwater Runoff and Wastewater

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new framework seeks to help local governments meet Clean Water Act obligations. More

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