One of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I have from attending Greenbuild each year is reuniting with many of the pioneers who paved the path for the thousands of architects, planners, builders, developers, and advocates who have made Greenbuild so important. Alex Wilson (BuildingGreen), Ed Mazria (Architecture 2030), AIA, Bob Berkebile (BNIM Architects), FAIA, Gail Vittori (Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems), and many others—who have given us so much already—bring their passion, vision, and leadership every year, ready to share new ideas and perspectives. I will devote my "Postcards from Greenbuild" to their ongoing work.

On Tuesday morning I ran into John Knott, who I first met 20 years ago when he was developing Dewees Island in South Carolina. Knott just signed on as executive director of the Health Product Declaration Collaborative, and today the organization launched their Manufacturers Advisory Panel to gain supplier input into the early development of Health Product Declarations (HPD). Since last year's HPD roll-out at Greenbuild, transparency in product ingredients has become a hot topic here in Philadelphia, especially with the new LEED v4 requirements. Stand by for a lot more on that.

But one of this year's Greenbuild highlights will be Mazria's Master Series presentation today. Mazria, who founded Architecture 2030, will formally introduce the organization's 2030 Palette, an incredible Web-based design resource that brings a practical yet beautifully detailed sustainable design vocabulary to architects around the world. Be sure to check out the the website.

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