Celebrating its 19th year, the Illuminating Engineering Society's New York City Section's (IESNYC) Student Competition has announced the Call for Entries. The theme for the 2019 competition is “Light & Culture.” The competition brief challenges students “…to construct a three-dimensional study exploring the role of light in rituals, events, or rites of passage. Light can often be a critical element in a religious or national celebration, like fireworks on the Fourth of July, a lifetime milestone, like a unity candle at a wedding, or a daily observance, like a sun salutation. Light & Culture allows each individual to expand upon their own experiences of light and how it contributes to culture.”

Participation requires completion of the online registration form by Sunday Feb. 17, 2019. Entries are to be delivered the day of the competition event and exhibition, which will take place Tuesday Mar. 5, 2019, at 4W43, 4 West 43rd Street in New York City. (Note the new location from previous years.)

All questions should be addressed via email to [email protected].