Leviton has announced its acquisition of Birchwood Lighting, a lighting company based in southern California known for its specification grade linear lighting solutions. This is the fourth company to be added to Leviton’s recently announced lighting business unit. [Link: http://www.archlighting.com/industry/leviton-sets-up-new-lighting-business-unit_o].

“From an operational, product development and cultural perspective, Birchwood could not be a better fit for Leviton,” said Daryoush Larizadeh, president and chief operating officer of Leviton in a prepared statement. “Birchwood Lighting’s focus on providing customized solutions for architects, designers and specifiers, paired with their excellence in customer service, makes them the ideal partner to expand our Leviton Lighting Business Unit, and we could not be more excited to welcome them into the Leviton family.”

Darrin Weedon, president and chief visionary officer of Birchwood Lighting said in a press statement. “Since Birchwood Lighting’s inception over two decades ago, we have prided ourselves on our commitment to product development and to being a partner and resource to our customers. We’re pleased to be joining another family company that shares the same values and will help to expand our resources for customers.”

According to the release, “…Leviton will continue to maintain their separate agent networks and distribution channels and both companies will immediately begin to build on each other’s strengths, resources and product offerings.”

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