The fifth annual Daylight Hour will take place June 22, 2018, from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m. This initiative was first launched by the Building Energy Exchange in 2014 “…to raise awareness about using natural daylight in lieu of electric lighting in offices.” The event is held annually on the Friday nearest to the summer solstice. For the upcoming June 22 event, six city partners and 225 offices have already signed on. A list of the 2018 city partners and organizations is being updated on a regular basis. Participants are asked to share their office activities via social media using the hashtag #daylighthour.

Involvement in this initiative has grown substantially in just a few short years. The 2017 program engaged participants from 17 countries, 12 city partners, and more than 820 offices. That represented 100 million square feet of office space that did not use electric lighting during the one hour period–an energy savings that corresponded to the amount of electricity needed to power 9,400 homes for an entire day.

For more information about participation and registration in Daylight Hour 2018, visit the Daylight Hour website.