The American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee C78, Electric Lamps, has conducted a technical review and released ANSI C78.52-2017 American National Standard for Electric Lamps—LED (Light Emitting Diode) Direct Replacement Lamps—Method of Designation. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) functions “…as secretariat for the standard.”

This new lighting standard addresses “…how to designate LED lamps that are direct replacements for existing, ANSI-standardized, non-LED lamps.” The standard only includes light sources that are LED-based.

According to a NEMA spokesperson, one of the key features of the new standard is that it “…outlines a designation system for LED-based light sources intended to replace existing conventional (non-LED) standardized lamps.” The designation system also includes a request form for manufacturers in which they provide lamp characteristic data. This data “…serves as the basis for assignment of a new designation.” In terms of the lamp characteristic data, the standard offers direction “…as to which characteristics have a critical effect on the interchangeability of lamps in order to assure both safe operation and performance. Some lamp marking requirements are also identified.”

The ANSI C78.52-2017 standard is available for purchase at a cost of $350, in hard copy format or as an electronic download via the NEMA website.

Additionally, the NEMA Lighting Systems Division, which serves as the secretariat of ANSI’s ASC C78 for Electric Lamps, is seeking industry experts in the User and General Interest categories to participate in standards development activities. Interested individuals should contact NEMA at the following email: [email protected].