The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education is now accepting proposals for its 2018 grant and awards cycle. The deadline is Feb. 9, 2018. This past summer, the Fund announced its 2017 grant and award recipients.

Also of note is an announcement regarding the 2019 grant cycle. Proposals for 2019 will be due in November 2018, not February 2019, as in years past, and the grants and awards will be announced in March 2019 rather than later in the spring. Deadlines for the 2019 grant cycle will be announced later.

At present the Fund awards three annual grants and three awards: the $20,000 Nuckolls Fund Grant, the $20,000 Lesley Wheel Introductory Lighting Program Grant, the $10,000 Edison Price Fellowship Grant, the $5,000 Jonas Bellovin Scholar Achievement Award, the $5,000 Jules Horton International Student Achievement Award, and the $5,000 Designer Lighting Forum of New York Student Achievement Award. Colleges and universities are invited to apply for grants and the Fund’s Board of Directors reviews the proposals. The Nuckolls Fund was established in 1988 in memory of lighting educator James Nuckolls “… to support college-level lighting programs that enable students to learn, appreciate, and apply the basics of lighting and design.”

For more information about each of the grants and awards and to download the current RFPs forms go to the Nuckolls Fund website.