How did the lighting industry fare in 2015? According to an array of indices kept by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), the answer is: fairly well. Here’s a snapshot of the year based on two key indices, the Electroindustry Business Conditions Index and the Lamp Indices.

Electroindustry Business Conditions Index
This index, which tracks current and projected conditions for electrical equipment manufacturing in North America, fell to 41.2 in December 2015 from 58.3 in November 2015 while projections for future conditions dipped to 52.9 from 55.6 for the same period. The changes, while significant, are on par with activity throughout the rest of the year, as projections from senior managers at NEMA member companies surveyed for the report hovered around the 50 mark in 2015. Marks greater than 50 indicate expansion, while marks below 50 represent a contraction.

Lamps Indices
LED lamps’ share of the light source market continues to grow, outpacing that of other lamp types, according to year-end numbers from NEMA's Lamps Indices. The association tracks the sales and market penetration among its member companies’ U.S. shipments for an array of lamp types, including LED, compact fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen. Drawn from regularly conducted NEMA statistical surveys, the product shipments data are adjusted for seasonal fluctuations. The charts below relate the sales and market penetration for the overall lamps sector and for specific lamp types during 2015.