From Vision to View, Western Window Systems
From Vision to View, Western Window Systems

Windows and doors provide one of the biggest opportunities architects and designers have to influence a project's health, performance, and beauty, and manufacturers like MITER Brands are playing a pivotal role in advancing these goals with some of the industry’s most cutting-edge window and door brands. Manufacturers like MITER Brands are playing a pivotal role in advancing these goals through innovative collaborations with platforms like Acelab. MITER has launched several of its most cutting-edge window and door brands on Acelab’s architectural product selection platform. MITER is able to go beyond transforming product specification by providing architects with comprehensive educational resources, expert advice, and direct access to brand representatives, ultimately elevating building design standards for the benefit of occupants and the environment.

Product lines from WINDOOR, Western Window Systems, and PGT, known for their ability to match a wide range of project criteria, are driving inspiration and education among the platform’s user base. Products are offered for use in projects alongside tailored education on their unique features, expert architectural advice from Acelab’s in-house team of architects, and the ability to quickly add materials to a basis of design or as a new record in a firm library of standards.

MITER Brands on Working with Architects

MITER Brands’ proactive adoption of innovative technology and dedication to creating architectural knowledge resources positions them as leaders in the AEC industry's evolution.

“There’s a new future defined by technology,” says Ty Cranford, Senior Director, Architectural Sales. “Acelab makes it possible to build connections with designers and realize the best design solutions.”

The collaboration between MITER Brands and Acelab is a testament to remaining responsive to industry demands and changes. “Through our collaboration, we empower architects by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions, streamlining the product selection process and enhancing their design capabilities.” Cranford adds. “We’re communicating the way architects want to, meeting them where they want.”

Many of MITER’s brands, like WINDOOR, Western Window Systems, and PGT, represent excellence in their respective categories, offering a range of products that combine functionality with beautiful, resilient design.

WINDOOR: Setting the Standard for Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

WINDOOR, an ultra-luxury windows and doors brand designed for coastal project conditions, has given architects a wide range of options for premium impact-resistant windows. Architects are specifying WINDOOR on Acelab for high-end coastal projects, where they not only provide protection from the elements but aesthetic options, customization, and impact technology. WINDOOR’s product lines are expertly designed to combine impact-resistance with architectural aesthetics, giving designers a way to realize their design intent even in hurricane-prone areas. These products are engineered to enhance projects in environments prone to hurricanes and high winds.

When working on high-end projects in coastal areas that are subject to severe weather, architects seek out educational resources and trusted expert advice. On Acelab, the design teams working on these projects receive product information packaged with targeted educational resources, free access to expert brand and product advice, and direct access to a WINDOOR rep. This combination of resources enables designers to detail, specify, and build projects in hurricane-prone areas more efficiently than ever. 

Western Window Systems: Redefining Indoor-Outdoor Living

Western Window Systems is a premier manufacturer known for trailblazing indoor-outdoor living through its innovative window and door solutions. The brand offers a range of products that seamlessly blend interior and exterior spaces, creating a harmonious connection with the natural environment. Windows and doors from Western Window Systems are also designed to maximize natural light and ventilation.


With more projects taking influence from biophilia, natural ventilation, indoor-outdoor connection, and health principles, designers are looking for effective options for realizing these goals. Western Window Systems’ product lines enhance the design intent of architects towards beautiful, functional, and healthy spaces.

Whether it's a sliding glass door that opens up to a patio or a window that frames a scenic view, Western Window Systems provides products that enhance the living experience for occupants. The brand's diverse range of offerings, which include multi-slide doors, bi-fold doors, and casement windows, gives architects the opportunity to realize their design intent.

PGT: Performance and Comfort in Fenestration

PGT Windows and Doors, has an authoritative history in high-performance impact-resistant glazing. As the recognized industry leader, PGT cites over 7 million units installed with zero reported failures - a testament to their commitment to quality. For architects and builders on Acelab, PGT’s product lines make specifying for impact-resistance straightforward. The company's WinGuard series, featuring laminated or laminated insulating glass along with robust aluminum or vinyl frames, is a popular choice among professionals seeking reliable performance and aesthetic appeal.


PGT’s impact-resistant products utilize an interlayer technology, which bonds two panes of glass together, creating a virtually impenetrable barrier against flying debris and high winds. This interlayer not only enhances safety but also improves energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer and UV radiation. The company's vinyl windows and doors are engineered with multiple features that contribute to energy savings, such as multi-chambered frames, insulating glass, argon gas, high-quality weather stripping, and low-E coatings on the glass. These elements work together to improve insulation, minimize air leakage, and reduce the burden on HVAC systems, resulting in lower energy costs for homeowners.

PGT’s team of experts works closely with architects and builders to select the optimal glass and frame configurations for each project, ensuring that the windows and doors meet both design and performance goals. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, PGT continues to drive cutting-edge design within the impact-resistant fenestration space.

Design Agility: Collaboration for a Better Future

Acelab is a material specification platform that revolutionizes the way architects and designers select building products. By providing comprehensive information about product performance, sustainability, and health impacts, Acelab empowers professionals to make informed decisions in buildings.

MITER Brands’ investment in the intersection of technology, manufacturing, and design, exemplified by their partnership with Acelab, drives innovation and sets new standards for the AEC industry. For MITER and its brands, Acelab offers a one-stop solution for material and product selection, for connecting with designers, and for responding to changes in the design industry. Architects find their products at arm’s reach on Acelab, where they can be specified, added to a firm library, and used in targeted educational training firm-wide. As a result, architects and designers can design spaces that not only look beautiful but also prioritize building occupants.

Through this collaboration, MITER Brands is transforming the way buildings are designed and constructed but also ensuring a better future for occupants and the planet. By partnering with Acelab to create architectural knowledge resources and simplify access for architects, MITER Brands demonstrates its dedication to driving innovation and advancing the standards of safety, health, and wellness in buildings.