Acuity Brands/Lithonia Lighting

Avante LED, Acuity Brands/Lithonia Lighting
This family of direct/indirect recessed LED ceiling troffers comes in 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4 sizes for ambient indoor illumination in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K with a CRI of 80. The fixtures deliver lumen packages from 2,000 to 5,000. The diffusers swing down for access to the light engines and a 120V or 277V dimming driver. Metal baskets, louvers, and extruded acrylic prismatic lenses are backed with white acrylic diffusers.


Linea 1.5", Amerlux
This linear LED luminaire with direct, indirect, and direct/indirect distributions is designed for use with a louver. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K, the fixture comes in lengths of 47-3/4" and 95-1/4" with output options of either 5W or 10W per foot. Each luminaire can be suspended via aircraft cables or wall-mounted. An integral electronic constant current 120V-to-277V driver is standard with zero-to-10V dimming.

Architectural Lighting Works

Lightplane 3 Round, Architectural Lighting Works
This 3"-diameter linear LED pendant provides 900, 1,200, or 1,500 lumens per foot and consumes 7W to 14.5W per foot in lengths of 2' to 8'. Available with tunable white or color-changing RGB LEDs as well as standard 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K with a CRI of 80-plus. Its extruded-aluminum housing is fitted with a clear, frosted, or opal impact-resistant lens. An integrated Class 2 dimming driver fits within the aluminum extrusion.

Axo Light

Shatter, Axo Light
Shatter can be suspended, or wall- or ceiling-mounted, and provides diffused, downward direct ambient white light. Its seven fixture models are composed of complimentary polygon quadrilateral forms that come in three sizes. The white-painted aluminum housing has a methacrylate diffuser. Lamped with standard T5 or T5HO lamps, the fixtures have a 120V-to-277V input with zero-to-10V dimming. An integral ballast mounts to the ceiling in the suspended version. 

Bartco Lighting

BSS110, Bartco Lighting
This slim-profile linear LED covelight is rotatable in 15-degree increments from -15 degrees to 105 degrees and offers tool-less field adjustability. Available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K with CRIs of 84 or 85, the dimmable fixture consumes 5W, 7.2W, or 12W per foot. An extruded aluminum housing is fitted with a 20-gauge steel wiring channel and frosted acrylic lens for wide-angle diffusion. Offered in lengths of 23", 34", and 45".

Birchwood Lighting

Charlotte, Birchwood Lighting
This 20'-radius curved interior luminaire can be either suspended or surface-mounted and is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K in standard, high, or custom lumen outputs. An integral electronic driver accepts 120V or 277V inputs with dimming options including zero-to-10V down to either 10% or 1%. Offered in 8' lengths with an extruded aluminum housing, frosted white or clear lens, and a satin clear anodized finish.

Dreamscape Lighting

Reflections V, Dreamscape Lighting
This semi-recessed, linear LED wall luminaire is designed to illuminate bathroom vanities. Available in 3000K with a CRI of 97, the fixture is housed in an extruded aluminum frame with a curved lens that can be used alone or placed between sections of a 1/4"-thick mirror. Fixture lengths can be specified to meet dimensional requirements.

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting/Corelite

RZL LED Luminaire, Eaton’s Cooper Lighting/Corelite 
This continuous row-mounted LED system is designed for both new and retrofit construction. Available in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K with a CRI of 85-plus, its lumen output ranges from 3,000 to more than 8,000. Offered in 4', 8', and 12' lengths with five shielding options, the fixtures can be surface-mounted, suspended, or come as a rigid pendant. Includes a zero-to-10V dimming driver, and optional occupancy and daylight sensors.

Edge Lighting

Plaza Small LED, Edge Lighting
Designed to illuminate bathroom vanities, this 27.75"-square, 2"-deep surface-mounted LED mirror offers 2700K with a CRI of 92-plus from behind an inset border of frosted glass. The fixture weighs 39 pounds, and it consumes 100W. Electric-low-voltage dimmable.


HP-2 LED, Finelite
This family of 2"-wide-aperture luminaires offers direct/indirect and direct-only illumination from pendant, wall-mounted (shown), recessed, and surface-mounted models. Available in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K with a constant-current reduction electronic driver that is accessible from below the ceiling and accepts 120V or 277V inputs. Offered in 4', 8', and 12' lengths. An extruded aluminum housing features a snap-in-place frost white diffuser. Dimmable to 10% via zero-to-10V controls.

Focal Point

Dart, Focal Point
Available in linear suspended or wall-mounted models, the Dart provides 625 to 1,250 lumens per foot in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K with CRIs greater than or equal to 80. In run lengths of 4' to 24', the dimmable luminaire comes in a one-piece steel housing with a low-iridescent, semi-specular aluminum reflector and optional acrylic diffuser or prismatic lens. A gradient optic softens cut-off lines while an optional beam-smoothing diffuser adds more softening. Dimming includes zero-to-10V and DALI.

Hubbell Lighting/Litecontrol

Liteweave, Hubbell Lighting/Litecontrol
This slender direct/indirect suspension luminaire features a woven-style diffuser and a flexible printed circuit board. Delivering 70% direct and 30% indirect light, the fixture uses more than 200 LEDs per foot and is offered in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with a minimum CRI of 80. A choice of 3,400 lumens or 4,600 lumens is offered per 4' length, with efficacies of up to 101 lumens per watt. The maximum run for a single power feed is 40'. Dimmable via zero-to-10V or DALI controls.

Juno Lighting Group

Indy X-Series, Juno Lighting Group
These basket-style LED troffers for grid ceilings are offered in 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4 models that each measure 3-7/8" tall. Available in 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, and 5000K with a CRI of 80-plus, they deliver between 3,900 lumens and 5,500 lumens. Accepts 120V to 277V and 347V input and houses a zero-to-10V dimming driver. The fixture has a cold-rolled steel housing with a reflective white finish and built-in earthquake clips.

LaMar Lighting

R1L/R2L Series, LaMar Lighting
Measuring less than 3" deep, this series of recessed ceiling troffers comes in 2x2, 1x4, and 2x4 sizes and is suited for use in a standard 15/16" inverted T-bar grid and shallow plenum locations. Offered in 4000K, the fixture can also be specified in 3500K and 5000K. The series provides 2,000 lumens from the 2x2 size with a CRI of 80-plus. All fixtures are designed to replace a 32W to 34W fluorescent.


Hex for Connected, LightArt 
Designers can use a kit of standard luminaire shapes to configure this modular LED lighting system into a variety of luminous installations. Ten components and more than 1,000 color options are offered. Available in 3000K with a CRI of 81, the luminaire provides 445 lumens per linear foot. Overall installation dimensions are approximately 18' wide by 21' long by 8" high, and it is suspended via 3/64" stainless steel cables. The powdercoated canopy mounts to a standard junction box.

Nora Lighting

Edge-Lit LED Pendant, Nora Lighting
Nora Lighting has added a pendant option to its series of Edge-Lit LED 2x2 and 2x4 panels, which can also be surface-mounted or recessed in hard ceilings. Available in 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K with a CRI of 84, the luminaires provide up to 6,071 lumens and consume up to 59.9W. Dimmable down to 5% with zero-to-10V dimming controls, the fixture takes 120V or 277V inputs. It has an extruded-aluminum frame and opalescent lens.

Prudential Lighting

Stream LED, Prudential Lighting
Linear LED strips in this recessed luminaire indirectly illuminate a highly diffuse reflector film to direct soft light downward. Available in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K with a CRI of 83, the single-circuit fixture provides either 544, 765, or 996 lumens per foot; it can also be specified with custom-tunable light levels. In nominal lengths from 2' to 8', it can be installed in hard ceilings, T-bar ceilings, and drywall. An integral 120V-to-277V driver includes zero-to-10V dimming options.

Sensitile Systems

Wing, Sensitile Systems
This backlit suspended or wall-mounted luminaire delivers either direct or direct/indirect light and features LEDs that provide RGB and warm and cool white light. The fixture features an anodized aluminum housing and can be specified in 12" or 18" widths with single-fixture lengths ranging from 36" to 96". Power for the 12V fixture is provided either via direct wiring or wall outlet and it consumes 5W per foot.

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