With nearly 500 products submitted for this year's Annual Product Issue, it’s fair to say that the lighting industry is in a healthy state. From that impressive group, architectural lighting has selected 168 products across 12 product categories, all of which represent both the lighting industry’s diversity and its recent technological achievements.

Since the introduction of LEDs about a decade ago, there has been a seismic shift in the industry, encompassing everything from how fixtures are developed to how designers use the new source. The lighting community has felt its fair share of growing pains and the industry as a whole has made the adjustments necessary. To be sure, there are still areas for continued improvement and further research, such as in optics, lighting quality, and component compatibility, but, in general, the products on the following pages represent the continued maturation of LED fixtures.

These are not the products of yesteryear. A luminaire has become so much more than an object that delivers light; sophisticated functions and lighting controls are now standard for many fixtures and these features provide a baseline for the current generation of product offerings. The transition from analog to digital can be seen in all aspects of the industry, and in this, the third edition of our issue-accompanying Technology Trends series, we examine how the Internet of Things, color, LED price points, and the digitization of product libraries and literature is shaping the next generation of products.

As always, our product coverage serves as a reference guide to the best that the industry has to offer.

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