XLamp XHP50.2 LED, Cree • The latest generation of extreme-high-power LEDs, the XHP50.2 delivers up to 7 percent more lumens and 10 percent higher lumens per watt than its first generation cousin the XHP50, while package size remains the same: 5mm by 5mm. This means upgrades can be made by easily replacing the LED arrays. The diode features Cree’s EasyWhite technology and is available in a color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K with CRIs of 70, 80,and 90, depending on color temperature selection. • cree.com

Flex STP 73, Optic Arts • The Flex STP 73 is a high-performance LED fixture that features a very tight LED pitch and can blend in shallow channels for direct view applications. Field-cuttable, it is designed for use in coves, undercabinets, and shelves. Available in 1800K with a CRI of 90-plus, and 2750K, 2900K, and 3550K with a CRI of 95-plus, it uses 7.3W per linear foot and runs on 24V DC. Dimming options include magnetic low-voltage, zero-to-10V, DMX, and Lutron (two-wire, three-wire, and Ecosystem). IP20-rated for dry locations. • opticarts.com

COB Downlights Modules, Luxtech • These chip-on-board LED downlight modules are offered in two color profiles: Dynamic White and Warm Dim. The Dynamic White allows for brightness and correlated color temperature to be adjusted independently of one another. The 15mm module (shown) is compatible with tunable drivers, DMX, and zero-to-10V dimming. It has a 15mm light-emitting surface, a maximum output of 3,700 lumens, a color range of 2700K to 6500K, and a CRI of 90-plus. • luxtechled.com

Wattstopper Blanco 3 Logic Module, Legrand • The Blanco3 module mixes three colors of LEDs to offer a tunable white range of 2700K to 6500K with a CRI of 90-plus. Field mixing is possible within 2" of the array. On-board thermal feedback maintains color consistency within a two-step MacAdam ellipse. A patented process captures and stores color characteristics so that delivered light can be dimmed from 100 percent down to 1 percent while color profile is maintained. • legrand.us/wattstopper

Switchex, Nora Lighting • Dimmer switch and power supply are combined into a single unit that installs in a standard single-gang electrical switch box. It accepts 120V AC power and converts it to low-voltage 12V (60W max.) or 24V (100W max.) DC. Dimming is smooth from 100 percent down to 5 percent. cUL listed. Face plates come separately and are offered in glossy white, glossy light almond, and glossy dark brown. • noralighting.com

Q-Cap-D1, Q-Tran LED • The Q-Cap-D1 is the first encapsulated linear LED fixture designed and manufactured in the United States. IP68-rated, the fixture is customizable and can be used indoors and outdoors, and is submersible in both chlorinated and saltwater conditions. White color options are available from 2500K to 5000K with a CRI of 95-plus, as are static color, RGB, and RGBW. Fixture lengths are available up to 16'. Lumen packages range from 200 to 430 lumens per foot. • q-tran.com

Dual Profile araya5 Tuning Module, Lumenetix • This tunable color module comes in two profiles: Dynamic Dimming (warm dim halogen) with a range of 1800K to 3050K or Tunable Color from 1650K to 8000K. The five-color array delivers up to 1,500 lumens at a CRI of 90-plus and includes Bluetooth, zero-to-10V, and DMX controls. For color gamut control, gradients of saturated colors from 1 percent to 100 percent can be added to color points. • lumenetix.com

Dynamic White Linear Module, Luxtech • This dynamic white linear LED module allows for independent brightness and color temperature control within a three-step MacAdam ellipse. It measures 0.787" wide and available in three lengths: 5.5", 11", and 22". It has a nominal output of 1,100 lumens per foot, and can incorporate two selectable CCTs from the following range: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K, all with a CRI of 90-plus. • luxtechled.com

DirectAC LED Engines, Fulham • Designed for wall sconces and ceiling fixtures, these circular LED light engines eliminate the need for a driver. They are available in power levels from 10W to 34W; 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K with a CRI of 80 standard (3500K and 5000K at a CRI of 90, custom); and offer smooth TRIAC and ELV dimming down to 10 percent. It has a 120-degree optical-grade polycarbonate lens. The engine meets Title 24 requirements. • fulham.com

Everline ID Series Drivers, Universal Lighting • These 1,500-milliamp programmable drivers provide 55W constant current output and work with universal (120V/277V) input voltage. They can execute control commands for zero-to-10V standard dimming or through Universal’s new digital protocol (smartphone app) with ID Series Compatible Smart BLTE sensors from Douglas Lighting Controls. • unvlt.com

PrimaLine Gen 2 LED Tape Light, Alloy LED • Designed to serve as a primary light source, the PrimaLine 6.6 and PrimaLine 8 Gen 2 tape lights use new, high-efficiency 2835 diodes that deliver 132 lumens per watt and 1,000 lumens per foot. Unlike other tape light that is a single row of diodes, the Gen 2 tape family has two or three rows of chips to maximize brightness in a single package. The light tape is offered in 8' sections with 8' leads, and uses an aluminum mounting channel for installation. • alloyled.com

DOSM LED, Amerlux • This optically sealed, IP66-rated, module for exterior luminaires allows outdoor fixtures to be retrofitted with LED sources. The module uses a convection-cooled constant current driver with automatic voltage sensing for 120V/277V input. It provides uniform light distribution and allows for greater fixture center spacing. Available in cool, neutral, or warm color temperatures, it is Dark Sky compliant and meets IES standards for full cutoff for Type 2, 3, or 5 light distribution patterns. • amerlux.com

Q-Cap-D3, Q-Tran LED • This encapsulated LED fixtures uses an interior curved surface to reflect light by mounting the LED on the side of the profile to conceal the diodes from view. The fixture has a polished white finish and a bending radius of 3". Offered in 2500K to 5000K with a CRI of 90-plus, as well as static colors including amber and color-changing RGB. Lengths can be customized up to 16'. It offers a delivered lumen package of more than 350 lumens per foot at 5W per foot, and is dimmable down to 0.01 percent. •

Luxeon MX, Lumileds • This LED package is designed for high-bay industrial and outdoor streetlighting applications. The diode features double the flux compared to previous diode generations that allows it to deliver 1,200 lumens at 150 lm/W at 85 C for a 12V device. The multi-die emitter is available in a color temperature range from 3000K to 6500K with a CRI of 70, 80, or 90 depending on the color selection. Optically compatible with the Luxeon M and can be upgraded. • lumileds.com

Flex, Luxtech • The Flex family of LEDs is a flexible module in light tape format designed specifically for the North American market. Flex CC can be cut in 1" increments up to 8' and delivers 2,000 lumens per foot. Flex Reach (shown) is available in 550 lumens per foot in runs up to 20', and 1,110 lumens per foot in runs up to 10'. It achieves 99 percent brightness consistency across the entire tape length, and can be cut into 1.5" increments depending on the application. • luxtech.com

Vintage Dim Module, Optic Arts • This constant-voltage dimming module with one output has a voltage range of 10V to 26V DC, a maximum power output of 100W and a maximum current of 4 amps. It dims below 1 percent on most zero-to-10V dimmers. UL-listed, it can be used in dry and damp locations. It measures 2.2" by 1.46" by 0.57" and fits in the low-voltage wiring compartment of the driver. It operates in temperatures between minus 20 C to 50 C. • opticarts.com

WorkHorse LED Extreme Programmable Drivers, Fulham • These constant-current drivers are designed for outdoor use and high-power output applications. The XP Series can handle 4W to 200W; the XE Series handles 96W and 185W. All use the company’s SmartSet platform that allows for auto programming, or programming via a handheld controller or PC software. IP65-rated, zero-to-10V and wireless dimming options are available. • fulham.com

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