CarbonCast insulated architectural cladding from AltusGroup is an insulated, sandwich-type wall panel with inner and outer concrete wythes of 1.75+ inches thick each. The wythes envelope a layer of continuous insulation of 2 inches or more to meet ASHRAE 90.1 2007 requirements. The cladding uses C-Grid carbon fiber grid shear trusses to connect the inner and outer wythes of concrete, creating a strong connection, says the company. At a total thickness of 3.5 inches, CarbonCast uses 40 percent less concrete than conventional 6-inch pre-cast panels, which reduces the panel weight and decreases embodied energy, reducing foundation and superstructure requirements. According to the company, CarbonCast features continuous insulation that delivers 100 percent of its rated R-value without thermal bridges or solid zones.; 866.462.5887.