This article originally appeared on Architectural Lighting.

Vancouver, Canada-based design manufacturer Bocci is releasing four new fixtures—the 44 Series, 76 Series, 84 Series, and 87 Series—and are set to be available for purchase in September. Bocci, under the direction of Creative Director Omer Arbel, is known for its sculptural statement pieces, and these four new offerings add to the company’s well-established portfolio, using nontraditional fabrication methods to achieve distinctive forms. Here’s a look at each of the new series.

Courtesy Fahim Kassam

84 Series
Spherical white glass blown into a copper mesh basket is enveloped by hot, clear glass to form the shape of each glass sculpture in the 84 series. The bulbous piece can be fitted with a 10W xenon lamp or 1.8W LED. As each blown glass piece is unique, the pendants vary in terms of shape and mesh distribution. The 1.1W LED fixtures are available as singular pendants or in clusters of up to 36 individual glass balls.

Courtesy Fahim Kassam

76 Series
A detailed view of this rounded fixture reveals tiny squares created by using a vacuum on layers of hot white and clear glass, and copper mesh. The vacuum pulls the white glass forward through the mesh to form small particles that form a globe within the clear glass. The 76 Series can be wall- or ceiling-mounted, as well as suspended in groups of up to 36 individual pendants.

Courtesy Fahim Kassam

87 Series
This ethereal fixture uses soda water to entrap air bubbles in order to form microfilaments within a heated glass matrix. Stretched and folded on pegs, the cooling glass creates a linear, taffy-like quality that gives the fixture its pearlescent look. An LED or low-voltage xenon light source provides illumination from under the fixture’s loops, creating a draped effect. The 87 Series comes in a variety of compositions and can be suspended from aircraft cables, individually, or in a group of up to 37 pendants.

Courtesy Bocci

44 Series
Resin-impregnated sand, a waste product from sand casting, becomes pivotal to the design of this dynamic form that looks as if liquid metal has been suspended in time. Molten aluminum is poured into a large canister filled with the stiff sand fragments and then left to cool, casting unique shapes. The light fixtures are powered through the low-voltage current transmitted throughout the aluminum sculpture in order to eliminate the use of cables.

All fixtures are now available for pre-order on Bocci’s website.