Bongo 3PG, Zaniboni Lighting • This pendant luminaire is a new addition to the company’s Bongo family, and features an adjustable gimbal while maintaining crisp, regressed optics. Bongo 3PG comes in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with a CRI of 80 or 95. The 9W or 13W fixture delivers 603 lumens or 1,058 lumens, respectively, depending on wattage. The pendant head measures 4” in diameter by 5.51” long, and can be suspended from the ceiling at a standard cable length of 8’—custom lengths are also offered. Beam spread options include 10-, 15-, 24-, 36-, 45-, and 60-degrees, while dimming options include zero-to-10V and ELV. Offered in matte white or matte black finishes, with custom colors available.