45 HC, CoeLux • CoeLux lighting systems reproduce the effect of natural sunlight in an integrated ceiling against a backdrop of a clear blue sky. On view in Frankfurt was the company’s 45 HC skylight, which features a 45-degree solar elevation angle to mimic Mediterranean lighting conditions. This virtual experience that simulates the appearance of the sun and sky through a 16.1-square-foot window is designed for a dropped ceiling, and requires a recommended area of 215 square feet for installation. The skylight itself weighs 660 pounds and the opening is 67" by 33.5". The LED source is not dimmable, uses 350W, and requires a 100V–240V input. The skylight delivers 2,000 lux at 1 meter, 1,300 lux at 2 meters, and 900 lux at 3 meters. The 45 HC is the largest optical system the company makes. •

This product write-up originally appeared in the 2016 May June issue on p. 44 as part of the article “Light + Building 2016.”