Welcome to the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home: best known for cooking, late-night study sessions, and, most importantly, gathering with family and friends. And no matter the size of the kitchen, it’s the room where everyone gathers. As you help a homeowner create the perfect entertainer’s kitchen, it all comes down to adding specialty features that make the home feel sophisticated, functional, and welcoming.

Add Unique Style

A kitchen perfect for entertaining begins with stylish, inviting design. An entertainer’s kitchen should be warm and comfortable. Most importantly, it should reflect the homeowner’s style and complement the rest of the home. When designing the area, consider colors that are bold yet calming. The colors of the walls, appliances, and any furniture should all come together to create a space the homeowners and their guests want to spend time in. Add unique accents, such as glass vases, wood trays, or colorful floral décor for a unique flair.

It’s All About the Appliances

For today’s homeowners, state-of-the-art appliances are a priority. Induction stoves, double ovens, and large dishwashers allow hosts to cook and clean with ease and efficiency. Stainless steel is a popular choice for remodels, and it’s practically a necessity for resale.

Additional appliances for entertaining include point-of-service refrigeration systems. Specialty refrigeration units such as wine coolers and refrigeration drawers give the host easy access to beverages so guests don’t go thirsty. Plus, under counter ice machines, such as those available from Scotsman, provide guests with crystal-clear, slow-melting ice to keep their drinks cool all night long.

For homeowners that love to entertain during sporting events, a flat-screen television might score a home run. Guests can run from the living room to kitchen to grab more snacks—without missing a touchdown. A kitchen television can also help the host stay connected to the action as he prepares more pigs-in-a-blanket or queso.

For serious entertainers that host events ranging from relaxed Sunday football nights to the annual family Christmas celebration, a warming drawer is a necessity. The warming drawer is perfect for a variety of uses, from warming cups and plates for warm beverages and entrees to keeping dishes warm between courses.

If space is available, a wet bar is a perfect addition to an entertainer’s kitchen. Wet bars often include compact sinks, racks for hanging wineglasses, and shelves for displaying unique barware. Add an ice machine so the resident bartender can shake, mix, and chill—all in the same place.

Every party deserves drinks with the perfect amount of pure, crystal-clear ice. Adding slow-melting cubes to dress up a cocktail or crunchable nuggets to chill a glass of soda keeps guests happy and hydrated throughout the party.

Features that Make the Space

As you guide homeowners in designing the ultimate entertainer’s kitchen, consider the types of gatherings they plan on hosting, what types of appliances will maximize efficiency and how space will complement the overall aesthetic of the home.

And when hosts have the perfect ice for their gatherings conveniently located in the heart of the home, their guests are always more than willing to stick around for one more drink.

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